State makes progress in processing jobless claims; $116.5M already paid out in April

  • KELSEY WALLING/Tribune-Herald Michael Cardines sprays disinfectant April 20 on the buttons to cross the street on Waianuenue Avenue in Hilo. City workers continue to disinfect frequently touched spots daily.

  • KELSEY WALLING/Tribune-Herald Stephanie and Jeremy Bertram talk while eating lunch April 16 by Hilo Bay. Restaurants will remain closed for dine-in options for another month.

  • KELSEY WALLING/Tribune-Herald People walk past each other outside Lili‘uokalani Gardens on Monday in Hilo. Many patrons have continued to exercise around the garden while the inside of the park is closed.

  • KELSEY WALLING/Tribune-Herald Two men play tennis April 24 in the parking lot outside the tennis courts in downtown Hilo. The pair play tennis frequently and wanted to feel a sense of normalcy outside the tennis courts.

The state is starting to make headway in processing and paying a staggering amount of jobless filings, according to statistics provided by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.