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U.S. prosperity

This is regarding Albrecht Classen’s letter (Jan. 1) and Tom Beach’s letter (Dec. 29).


WOW! The sky is falling under “Dictator Trump” and other nasty names. However, I see the sky is still in its rightful place.

I do see prosperity falling from the sky: more people working, lower unemployment, rising wages, more blacks, Latinos and Asians working.

Crisis at the border is a myth? One million illegals showing up and drugs flowing across the border and no telling how many terrorist are entering the United States is not a myth. President Trump has slowed the flow by 50%. Fund the wall, and it will be less.

The Republicans are responsible for guns south of the border? Best I remember, President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder were in charge of a gun-running scheme that caused several deaths.

Mr. Classen states that “I study the issues, read newspapers” etc., but it appears he takes his talking points from the so-called journalists at CNN. However, we should believe him because, after all, he is in the field of higher education.

If you want continued prosperity, vote Trump in 2020. If you want a dictator, then vote for socialist/communist Bernie Sanders in 2020.

Vernon King


Excessive fireworks

Should fireworks be banned in residential neighborhoods?

I say, YES!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the awesome beauty of a well-choreographed fireworks display, especially if it is synchronized with patriotic music. It was always a thrill to load the family in the car and head to the beach, or out in the countryside.

These events were always programmed and sponsored by the city, town or county where you lived, and they seemed to get bigger and better every year.

Some neighbors would have a few sparklers and firecrackers, but there was usually moderation in their use, and they were mostly limited solely to the day of celebration. You knew when to expect them.

However, times have changed, and not for the better.

Today, because of lax laws, nonenforcement of existing laws, and a general lack of consideration for our fellow human beings and pets, we are all subjected to the full-blown fireworks show with high-tech explosions equivalent to the sound of bombs exploding — not 50 to 100 yards away, but sometimes less than 50 feet from your door.

I wonder, do these lovers of the flash and bang ever think about the trauma it may be causing their elderly neighbors, infants and toddlers, the veterans with PTSD, or terrified animals?

So many of us have lost our precious pets who were fleeing the horrific sounds of these explosions. Please don’t tell me those pet owners should secure their animals during this period, because there is no longer a set time or schedule for these bombs going off. Now, they are totally random and can occur at any hour of the day or night, and even in the wee hours of the morning, and there is nowhere to flee since this problem seems to be islandwide.

Don’t just grumble to yourselves, contact the police department, mayor, governor, and state representative and ask them to restore sanity to our communities.

Have a quiet, safe, happy and healthy 2020,


Beverly Moodie


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