Your Views for December 31

Time to resign

Aloha, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. First off, I am grateful for the service you have provided as a member of our military.


I am very much less inclined to support you as a representative of Hawaii (and myself) with your “present” vote regarding the impeachment of President Trump. I am truly amazed that anyone could be confounded with your vote.

Your willingness to court a Trump administration appointment was quite evident when he was first elected. Your, at least patriarchal, lineage completely falls in line with the evangelical base that has literally sold its soul for President Trump.

Are you willing to go that far? Does power exceed compassion and truth? What would Sen. Mitch McConnell do if President Obama was in this predicament?

Look what was done with judicial appointments! Can you have the guts to call it quits? Or, are you just like all the other power-mongers?

Malama pono (if you know what that is).

Michael Pacheco III


‘Truly pained’

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the Ralph Nader-ist candidate for president — a person way over her head in running for the presidency.

I am truly pained that I thought I was casting a vote for a sane person who would look out for the interest of people in her representative district. I admit to my grievous error in judgment, and I should be severely chastised for being stupid.

Consider this: Tulsi wants to be president, yet cannot fully carry out her responsibility to her constituents in the House.

Heavens, was I fooled. Never again.

George C. Thomas


Standing down

It has been announced state and county government is “standing down” and withdrawing its five-month-long law enforcement presence on Maunakea (Tribune-Herald, Dec. 20).

Question: Other than erecting a temporary traffic signal and issuing some 8,000 traffic tickets, what accomplishment was achieved in the government overreach that inconvenienced citizens, adversely impacted businesses and drained the public coffers of $15 million?

Richard Hoeflinger


Wrong move, mayor

Why was county highway division manpower used to level out the area used for the kupuna protest tent at Maunakea Access Road?

The county and state have spent in excess of $10 million due to this protest up there. I strongly believe this latest special privilege given to the protesters was inappropriate use of county taxpayer resources.

This latest action, which was initiated by the mayor’s office, unfairly favored the protesters and was wrong.


Aaron Stene


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