Your Views for December 25

Holiday wishes

May humankind have the awareness and wisdom to stop doing business with the destroyers of the Earth!


You, who are aware, know who these destroyers are: those who poison the Earth with petrochemical poisons called herbicides and pesticides (these eventually enter the groundwater, rivers and ocean to poison all that live in or drink life-giving water), those who place cancer-causing glyphosates into plant cells of GMO “Roundup ready” crops and those who kill or sicken humans with their numerous pharmaceuticals that have dangerous side effects.

Our U.S. government needs to get out of the war and nation-destroying business! Some say war is good for the economy, but it is government spending that stimulates the economy — not war! War is destructive and a crime against humanity. The government needs to stimulate the economy with constructive spending that serves humanity instead of unnecessary and destructive war.

May more light be shed on the darker government intelligence agencies that hide their crimes under the cloak of “National Security.” The CIA is the largest global trafficker of illegal narcotics and has used these proceeds to finance their “black projects” beyond any government control. This intelligence agency routinely interferes in the elections of other nations (and sometimes even our own), and organizes regime changes when their election interference fails.

All of this has been documented in numerous books by myself and many others. All of this in violation of international rule of law. NSA routinely spies on every citizen while violating our Fifth Amendment rights to privacy.

May constitutional law return to our nation and these dark intelligence agencies brought firmly under the rule of law or disbanded entirely!

Christ advised us to love one another. Do not hate those who think and do differently than us. Hate is spiritual darkness and poison to our own soul. Oppose what unfortunate, deluded souls who knowingly or unknowingly work for the “great deceiver” for their veritable “30 pieces of silver” are doing by shining light onto their darkness.

May there be peace on Earth and goodwill toward man!

Herbert Dorsey


Do your job, Ige

All I want for Christmas is … for Gov. David Ige to do his job.

Is that too much to ask?

His latest move regarding the Thirty Meter Telescope is to withdraw the police? I’d call that another step in the wrong direction.

Please enforce the law, sweep the access road and let TMT get started. Imua TMT.


A. Yamamoto


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