Surfing: Contestants carve out new frontiers at Pro-Am, which doubles as swan song for Lawrence

  • DAVID PRAGER photo Malaika Bishaw navigates a wave Sunday at Honolii en route to winning the women's final at the Big Island Pro-Am Surfing Trials.
  • BART WRIGHT/Tribune-Herald Stan Lawrence announces the winners Sunday at his final foray as organizer of the Big Island Pro-Am Surfing Trials at Honolii.
  • Keaau High alum Malaika Bishaw, 17, came in first place in the women’s final Sunday for a second time. “Really, really happy,“ she said. “I’ve been to Oahu (for competition), and it’s pretty intense, lots of really good surfers trying to win.”

Thirty-five years later, Stan Lawrence decided he had done his time as organizer, marketing and publicity agent and all-around Mr. Do Everything of the Quiksilver-Maui Jim Sunglasses Pro-Am Surfing Trials at Honolii.