Your Views for June 12

Presidential derision

A recent editorial cartoon seemingly made fun of President Donald Trump’s statement that he is a stable genius.


I believe he might be correct in that there are probably a number of stables in which he might be considered a genius.

Harry C. Davis


‘You’ll believe it’

The only reason industrialized nations go to the Middle East is for oil.

During the first world war, back before there were individual countries, it was just recognized regions, such as Kurdistan. Winston Churchill drew the lines on a map of what is now Iraq, which meant Iran now had a western border. What separates Iraq from Afghanistan is Iran.

When the Helmand district of western Afghanistan was somewhat secure, the first thing that happened was the oil fields went up for bid. Who’da thunk it?

Next, I shall recommend reading two books by Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad katsa (intelligence officer). The first is “By Way of Deception” — by coincidence, the motto of the Mossad is, “by way of deception, we shall wage war” — the second being “The Other Side of Deception.”

The first book outlines the organization, training and how he escaped, while the second book tells about some of their operations.

One operation tells how Israeli commandos placed a transponder near Moammar Qadaffi’s headquarters, where a missile boat sent fake information that no European intelligence agency believed. The new intel stream was total manure, but the American government gobbled it up like candy, and that was what was used to bomb Tripoli, Libya, in 1986.

Our industry wants the oil, and Israel knows how to play us to do their dirty work. Their reasoning is very simple. Why should they risk their personnel when they can trick us into sacrificing ours?

Since Tel Aviv doesn’t want any country in that region to be able to defend themselves against Israel, they are perfectly willing to sacrifice American lives. Since you aren’t familiar with Mossad, they’ll blame the CIA, and you’ll believe it.

Dave Kisor


Bad place for ramp

Malama Flats is actually Malama Ki, one of the most beautiful stretches of Hawaii coastline anywhere in the state. It actually should be an extension of McKenzie State Recreation Area, not ripped and gutted for a much-needed boat ramp.

The logical thinking would place a new small boat ramp where boats and trailers would or will have easy highway access, such as Cape Kumukahi or Kalapana on state land.

The Malama Ki area is a special place that should be preserved and made accessible to all of Hawaii’s residents. Take the coastal trail south from McKenzie and enjoy the surreal beauty of this Puna coastal area.


Greg Braun


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