Evacuees, volunteers reflect on shelter experience after nearly three months

HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald Shelter populations have dwindled from their highest counts, but a number of tents and makeshift shelters still dotted the fields around the Pahoa Community Center as seen from this aerial photo taken July 19th.
HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald Gemma Buell's camping shelter had to be rebuilt after heavy rains.
HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald From left, recreation administrator Mason Souza and Paul Klink, shelter manager and Red Cross response lead for both the Keaau and Pahoa shelter, sit across a picnic table from each other Thursday outside the shelter at Pahoa Community Center.

It was gray and overcast Thursday morning, and the ground leading to Gemma Buell’s campsite at the emergency shelter in Pahoa was still wet and muddy from recent rains.