LEILANI ERUPTION: ‘Business as usual’ in Lanipuna

JOHN BURNETT/Tribune-Herald A hole and accompanying crack vents steam Monday on Pohoiki Road between Hinalo Street in Lanipuna Gardens and Leilani Avenue in Leilani Estates.
JOHN BURNETT/Tribune-Herald Lanipuna Gardens residents Kip Williams, left, and Jenny Haubert, holding her dog Buddy, returned home Monday to retrieve more belongings. Aaron Mitchell, right, stayed despite an evacuation order, and helps tend to neighbors' properties and animals.
JOHN BURNETT/Tribune-Herald Hawaii Army National Guard Specialists B.J. Echalas of Ka'u and Richie Oiterong of Palau help Hawaii Police Department officers Monday at a checkpoint at the corner of Highway 137 and Pohoiki Road.

LANIPUNA GARDENS — With daily updates of more volcanic fissures opening and lava destroying homes in Leilani Estates, it’s easy to forget that Lanipuna Gardens, a smaller neighboring subdivision, also remains under evacuation order by Hawaii County Civil Defense.