The beach is back: Heavy rains bring black sand, ohana to Honolii shore

HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald Black sand stretches across Honolii Beach Park in Friday Hilo.
HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald From left, mothers Fair Jenkins, Rachel Speidel and Cherub Silverson and their chirldern, Tilley Jenkins, 11 months, Tula Silverson, 10 months, Caroline Jenkins, 3, and Sandy Speidel, 1, hang out Friday at Honolii Beach Park in Hilo.
HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald Sand stretches across Honolii Beach Park in Friday Hilo.
Honolii Beach Park pictured in February 2008, the last time several lifeguards say they can recall as much sand as they've seen in recent weeks. (Photo courtesy Ocean Safety Officer Pono Kodani).

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to correct information that the source of river runoff and sediment deposit is not Wailuku River but from Honolii river itself.