Friday | November 27, 2015
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Cartoon for November 27

Nov 27 2015 - 1:31am || Comments

The world according to Ken Catalino,

  • Posted: Oct 22 2015 - 1:30am

    The world as seen by cartoonist Chris Britt, The State Journal-Register

  • Posted: Oct 22 2015 - 1:30am

    Last week, the United Nations General Assembly elected Egypt, Japan, Senegal, Ukraine and Uruguay to two-year terms as nonpermanent members of the 15-member U.N. Security Council, on Jan. 1 to succeed Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania and Nigeria, which are rotating off the council.

  • Posted: Oct 21 2015 - 1:30am

    The world according to Tom Stiglich, Creators Syndicate

  • Posted: Oct 21 2015 - 1:30am

    We know government is paternalistic and controlling, but this is ridiculous. In Kentucky, the Board of Examiners of Psychology went after nationally syndicated columnist John Rosemond for dispensing parenting advice without a state psychology license.

  • | Posted: Oct 21 2015 - 1:30am

    No doubt surprising many of the people watching the Democratic presidential debate, Bernie Sanders cited Denmark as a role model for how to help working people. Hillary Clinton demurred slightly, declaring “we are not Denmark,” but agreed Denmark is an inspiring example.

  • Posted: Oct 20 2015 - 2:02pm

    The 2015 Global Nutrition Report, produced by an independent group of international stakeholders, contains at least two compelling figures.

  • | Posted: Oct 20 2015 - 2:02pm

    WASHINGTON — America is more distant from the 1933 beginning of the New Deal (82 years) than that beginning was from the 1865 end of the Civil War (68 years). Both episodes involved the nation’s understanding of equality: The war affirmed equality of natural rights, the New Deal addressed unequal social conditions. Today’s Democratic Party is frozen, like a fly in amber, in the New Deal preoccupation — but with less excuse than Democrats had during the Great Depression. The party believes that economic inequality is an urgent problem, and that its urgency should be understood in terms of huge disparities of wealth. Neither proposition is (to use the term Jefferson used when he wrote equality into America’s catechism) a self-evident truth.

  • | Posted: Oct 19 2015 - 1:30am

    WASHINGTON — The consequences of President Barack Obama’s passive foreign policy came close to home last week.

  • Posted: Oct 19 2015 - 1:30am

    President Barack Obama came into office in January 2009 promising to end America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He kept his word on Iraq, mostly, but announced Thursday he is delaying the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan past his last day in office in January 2017.

  • Posted: Oct 19 2015 - 1:30am

    The world as seen by cartoonist Steve Breen, The San Diego Union-Tribune

  • Posted: Oct 19 2015 - 1:30am

    Planned Parenthood was right to stop taking reimbursements for donating fetal tissue to research programs, but not because anyone has proven that the organization did anything wrong.

  • Posted: Oct 18 2015 - 1:31am

    The Big Island as seen by Hawaii Tribune-Herald cartoonist Gary Hoff.

  • | Posted: Oct 18 2015 - 1:31am

    I was born and raised in Hawaii. I’ve had the opportunity and great privilege of training at outstanding academic centers abroad, but I always wanted to come home. I’m so glad to be in Hilo.

  • Posted: Oct 18 2015 - 1:31am

    If Congress doesn’t act soon, a provision meant to protect Social Security recipients from reductions in benefits due to increases in Medicare premiums will result in huge hikes for about one-third of beneficiaries.

  • Posted: Oct 18 2015 - 1:31am

    Before most Americans were even aware of global warming, Exxon was investing in high-quality research on the subject. According to reports in the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere, the oil company’s scientists concluded in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s that climate change was real, would transform the Earth’s landscape and was driven by human activity — especially the burning of fossil fuels.