Trumpification complete: The mess in Ohio is a terrible sign for America

After losing the presidency and the Senate thanks to Donald Trump’s disastrous management of COVID, Republicans look determined to try to ascend again in Washington by parroting his stolen election lies. If you can’t snap out of a slumber, it seems, the second best thing is to dive back into the delusions of your dream.

The hidden homeless

At an outdoor eatery near the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison, I witnessed a woman, whom I suspect lacked a place to live, respectfully ask diners for money. A few wordlessly complied, handing her a couple bucks. I was disturbed by this scene, as were others at nearby tables. My guess is that we were disturbed for different reasons.

The end of rescue efforts a terrible blow

In the face of tragedy in the unthinkable proportions of the Champlain Tower South collapse, we look for even the smallest respite — the heroic rescue of a victim out of the rubble, a moment that defies the odds, a sign that someone’s story didn’t end the night that night that Surfside building crumbled.

Infrastructure must include the care economy

When my mother was hired as a home health aide for a young boy living with disabilities, she enjoyed it so much that she overlooked the reality that the job paid a low hourly wage with no benefits.

Startups are booming thanks to COVID

If you’re looking for silver linings in this pandemic-damaged economy, here’s a good one: the American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. In fact, COVID-19 seems to have uncovered it.

Bipartisanship to the rescue

President Joe Biden remembers when Congress worked differently. He’s not alone. And now, thanks to some old-fashioned political bargaining, the nation stands to benefit with a long-needed federal infrastructure plan.

Israel’s new government shouldn’t give up on peace

Israel has a new government — but how much difference this will make to the prospects for peace is in doubt. In Gaza, Hamas emerged from its recent 11-day clash with Israel eager for confrontation, repeatedly launching incendiary balloons across the border. Israel has retaliated with airstrikes. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, nearly 17 years into what was meant to be a four-year term, recently suspended elections yet again. Beset by corruption and infighting, Palestinian leaders have offered no realistic proposals and little sign they could uphold a deal if one was struck.

Biden attacks crime the smart way

Donald Trump responded to rising crime by taunting Democratic mayors and vilifying undocumented immigrants. Those on the far-left respond to it by amplifying calls to defund or even dismantle police departments, on the errant belief that social programs are the best short-term way to stop bullets flying.