Hawaii, land of many holidays

After months of staying at home because of the pandemic, it seems pupule to write about holidays, but with many of us getting vaccinated, we’ll soon be back on track, right?

Speak up for Alexei Navalny

The government of Canada has imposed sanctions on nine high-ranking Russian officials for “gross and systematic human rights abuses.”

Don’t believe the doomsayers. Vaccines will end the pandemic

Following pandemic news too closely can be an emotional roller coaster, with dire public health warnings immediately followed by hopeful new studies. The latest soaring discovery: a new CDC study showing vaccines sharply cut all COVID-19 infections — not just symptoms.

Vaccine passport idea deserves support

During his prime-time address to the nation in mid-March, President Joe Biden invoked a Rockwellian image of a post-pandemic United States. By this summer, he promised, we could again be gathering in small groups to enjoy barbecues in our backyards and fireworks on the Fourth of July. However, the nirvana of a healthy United States will likely come with a few strings attached.

Prosecute Capitol rioters now

One of the largest criminal investigations in American history is happening right now, and it’s one we should not forget.