Peter Thiel’s warning to GOP is a wake-up call

Peter Thiel, a GOP megadonor and technology billionaire, is a controversial figure within conservative circles. The early investor in Facebook and PayPal co-founder also was an instrumental donor to Trump-backed Senate candidates in Arizona and Ohio.

Give Ukraine what it needs to win

Russian President Vladimir Putin told a gathering in Vladivostok last week that his country had “not lost anything and will not lose anything.” He may be less certain of decisive victory today.

Juul settlement is only half the battle to hold nicotine-addiction industry accountable

A multi-state settlement with electronic cigarette maker Juul might not contain an outright admission by the company that it deliberately targeted kids with advertising and candy-flavored vaping liquids as a way to get them hooked on nicotine. But the terms of the settlement make pretty clear exactly what Juul did and what kinds of damage it caused to millions of lives.

Leonard Leo’s dark money network threatens democracy

In August, a New York Times report revealed that Marble Freedom Trust, one of far-right political powerbroker Leonard Leo’s nonprofits, received a jaw-dropping $1.6 billion contribution from secretive industrialist and conservative mega-donor Barre Seid. It was the largest single contribution ever given to a nonprofit focused on politics. While Seid and Leo remain relatively unknown to the broader public, we should all be concerned with the influence they wield over our judiciary and the impact of this unprecedented windfall on our democracy.

As the crown became a curiosity, Queen Elizabeth did the British people proud

The death of the queen (there’s only one queen) might have come as “a shock,” as new British Prime Minister Liz Truss said outside No. 10 Downing St., but it was certainly not a surprise. When Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1952, the cry was “Long live the Queen.” That she did, with dignity and decency, all the way to 96. Having been the United Kingdom’s monarch for 70 years, Elizabeth was the constant ever since Winston Churchill was PM and Harry Truman president.

Video indicates Trump had inside help in his attempted electoral hijacking

Newly revealed video shows that consultants hired by former President Donald Trump’s lawyer to help overturn the 2020 election were given access several times to a voting office in Georgia by a Republican official now under investigation for her role in attempting to forward a slate of fake electors on Trump’s behalf. One of those visits came on the same day a voting machine was breached there.

What does coconut milk have to do with endangered monkeys?

Grocery shoppers may not realize that what they put in their carts can have far-reaching consequences. Case in point: Northern and southern pigtailed macaques are considered globally threatened with decreasing populations, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature just recently reclassified southern pigtailed macaques as “endangered.” What can that possibly have to do with groceries?

Remember COVID surges? Congress didn’t

Health officials are forecasting a fall COVID-19 surge, but one with fewer fatalities than past coronavirus spikes. The good news: A variant-specific booster has just been authorized to cope with the expected rise in cases.

Trump-appointed judge hands Trump an undeserved victory. No surprise there

A federal judge issued a ruling on Labor Day that is, unfortunately, no longer surprising even though it should be shocking to all but the most MAGA-blinded Americans. Judge Aileen Cannon, a Donald Trump appointee, ruled that executive privilege might apply in the case of the government-owned documents that the ex-president unlawfully secreted away to his Mar-a-Lago lair.

A bad site for Hilo housing project

Iwish to call attention to a housing development called Kaiaulu o Kapiolani that is proposed to be built on low-lying land along Kapiolani Street, across from the Hawaii County Police Department. There are a number of unresolved issues associated with this project, which the developer seems unwilling to address in the final environmental assessment, published just last month.

Defense personnel should be covered by the 9/11 health program

The 9/11 hijackers and Osama bin Laden, all deservedly dead, planned a coordinated attack with multiple strikes, killing thousands. They made no distinction between victims at the World Trade Center or at the Pentagon or at the likely target of the Capitol, which was saved when heroic passengers brought down Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.