100 days of national mourning

President-elect Joe Biden has called for 100 days of mask wearing starting on the day of his inauguration. I’m pretty sure I’ve been wearing these things for at least 100 days now, and I’m happy to go another 100 or more if it will help stop the spread of this horrendous contagion. But COVID is not the only virus that is plaguing America, so I want to ask us all to consider entering into a deeper discipline on Jan. 20 — namely 100 days of national mourning.

Which GOP?: Republicanism can’t be Trumpism

Donald Trump has no intention of releasing his stranglehold on the Republican Party anytime soon, but others in the once-proud political organization have a stark choice — or rather, a series of stark choices.

Punish those who jump the vaccine line

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says he is serious about cracking down on medical providers who divert COVID-19 vaccines to nonpriority patients or sell them on the black market. “If you skip the line or you intend to skip the line, you will be sanctioned, you will lose your license,” Newsom said last week, adding that his office was working on details of an enforcement package.

Enemy of the people? Trump seems determined to make Joe Biden’s job difficult

Nearly four years ago, Donald Trump swore an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Trump now violates that oath on multiple fronts as he continues to insist he won an election he decisively lost, toys with disrupting the Jan. 6 count by Congress of the Electoral College tally — and lets his administration withhold vital cooperation from President-elect Joe Biden’s team in the pivotal closing weeks.

More COVID relief is needed, but $2,000 checks aren’t the way

President Donald Trump’s call to raise the $600 payments included in the recent COVID relief plan to $2,000 gave Democrats the opportunity to deliver extra help to the economy while embarrassing the opposition. Their House majority, with support from 44 Republicans, quickly passed a measure to deliver the additional payments. The Republican-controlled Senate then blocked it. With crucial votes in Georgia’s Senate runoff looming, Republicans are at odds with each other and with their president, and obstructing a popular proposal to boot.

Justice for Lockerbie

On Dec. 21, 32 years to the day after 270 people were murdered in the bombing of a jet traveling from London to New York, federal prosecutors charged the man who copped to building the explosive device that brought down Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

FAA reforms reassert primacy of Boeing oversight, safety

At last, Congress has undone disastrous Federal Aviation Administration policy that abetted Boeing’s lapses in pushing the unsafe 737 MAX to market. The restoration of trusted FAA oversight is a necessary step to set Boeing back on course as aviation’s longtime leader.

A progressive wish list for 2021

As 2020 mercifully draws to a close, there is reason to be optimistic that 2021 will present opportunities for progressive change, to the betterment of all. As part of making that happen, the majority of Americans who support progressive ideals should make specific demands of President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump’s capitulation on pandemic relief is no cause for celebration

Americans should feel no more gratitude for President Donald Trump’s eleventh hour decision to sign the $900 billion pandemic relief measure than they might have for a vandal’s choice not to spray paint graffiti on their walls. The president’s behavior merely conforms to what might pass as normalcy.