Ukraine, Israel aid advances in rare House vote as Democrats help Republicans push it forward

WASHINGTON — With rare bipartisan momentum, the House pushed ahead Friday on a foreign aid package of $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and humanitarian support as a robust coalition of lawmakers helped it clear a procedural hurdle to reach final votes this weekend. Friday’s vote produced a seldom-seen outcome in the typically hyper-partisan House, with Democrats helping Republican Speaker Mike Johnson’s plan advance overwhelmingly 316-94. Final House approval could come this weekend, when the package would be sent to the Senate.

Final members of Trump jury chosen as trial races ahead

NEW YORK — The final jurors for Donald Trump’s criminal trial were selected Friday, with lawyers preparing to offer opening statements Monday in a landmark proceeding that was suddenly overshadowed at midday by the spectacle of a man setting himself aflame outside the courthouse.

Kennedy clan endorses Biden, in a show of force against RFK Jr.

WASHINGTON — A broad coalition of the Kennedy family endorsed President Joe Biden on Thursday at a campaign rally in Philadelphia, pointedly rejecting one of their own in Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the independent candidate who many Democrats believe poses a significant threat to Biden’s reelection chances.