Concerns raised about Maunakea debris

After a windy week along the Daniel K. Inouye Highway, the camp at the Maunakea Access Road has incurred ire from, among others, supporters of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

State AG responds to lawsuit

The office of the state attorney general responded late Thursday to a lawsuit by three Native Hawaiians challenging the state’s jurisdiction over the Maunakea Access Road.

State sued for misuse of Maunakea Access Road

A lawsuit was filed today against the state contending that several state departments have violated their duties by using the Maunakea Access Road without the consent of native Hawaiians.

Final EA posted for Hilo quarry project

The state Department of Health’s Office of Environmental Quality Control has found no significant environmental impacts will arise from the development of a proposed rock quarry near the Hilo landfill.

Bills target dog-tethering

Improperly chaining dogs could become illegal later this year if a pair of animal cruelty bills passes the state Legislature.

Clarification of herbicide policy sought

After a ban on the use of herbicides by county workers was definitively quashed last month, two Hawaii County Council members are introducing a resolution that will clarify the county’s position on herbicide use.

Lawmakers seek to boost minimum wage

Lawmakers have once again proposed an increase to the state’s minimum wage this year, after a similar proposal died in committee last year.