Stories by Bart Wright

Wright On: Kamehameha football taking on true Hawaiian tone

Everything else in sports is shut down amid the necessary coronavirus concerns, but football season is still far enough in the distance that we can look ahead to next season in hopes it will arrive on time, with practice starting as usual in August.

Diving community gets shot in the arm with $10K grant

Aspiring Big Island divers got a needed assist this week when the USA Diving Foundation gave Hilo Hi-Diving a $10,000 grant for a new 1-meter stand the local club plans to use for a new 1-meter board at Kawamoto Swim Stadium.

Wright On: Baptism by fire at Christian Liberty

Growing up in Hilo, when he was just another sports-minded keiki, Alden Arakaki was earnestly interested in basketball. He played the game daily, practiced shooting and ball-handling and had a childhood fantasy of one day being a player of some consequence, until his father interceded.

The Scene: Sunrise Athletics deserving of hand

It’s a little late, but happy birthday thoughts go out to Sunrise Athletics, the youth running club in East Hawaii that started with a sensible plan and has seen in grow ten-fold in 10 years.

Wright On: Pee Wee Kai left legacy as bright as it was ‘basic’

There’s something to be said for living in a place that’s not too big, not too small. Too big means congestion, people who don’t relate to each other and, usually, living in a small space in a big building. Too small means a lack of diversity, little to do and too many people nosing into your business as a form of entertainment.

Wright On: Correa, ‘Father of Hilo Baseball,’ deserves tribute

If you just moved here, it’s possible you don’t know about Jimmy Correa’s legacy in Hilo baseball, but you would be hard pressed to find anyone, at any level, who has participated for any amount of time — from Little League through college baseball here — who doesn’t know about his lasting imprint on the game.