CDC chief sticking to school-opening guides Trump criticized

ATLANTA — Federal health officials won’t revise their coronavirus guidelines for reopening schools despite criticism from President Donald Trump, the chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. What they will do, he said, is provide additional information to help states, communities and parents decide what to do and when. “Our guidelines are our guidelines,” Dr. Robert Redfield declared.

No peeking, voters: Court keeps Trump taxes private for now

WASHINGTON — Rejecting President Donald Trump’s complaints that he’s being harassed, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday in favor of a New York prosecutor’s demands for the billionaire president’s tax records. But in good political news for Trump, his taxes and other financial records almost certainly will be kept out of the public eye at least until after the November election.

Harvard, MIT sue to block ICE rule on international students

BOSTON — Colleges and universities pushed back Wednesday against the Trump administration’s decision to make international students leave the country if they plan on taking classes entirely online this fall, with Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filing a lawsuit to try to block it, and others promising to work with students to keep them on campus.

Trump to US schools: Reopen or you may lose federal funds

WASHINGTON — Determined to reopen America’s schools despite coronavirus worries, President Donald Trump threatened Wednesday to hold back federal money if school districts don’t bring their students back in the fall. He complained that his own public health officials’ safety guidelines are impractical and too expensive.

Honolulu City Council urges delaying pre-travel test plan

HONOLULU — The Honolulu City Council on Wednesday urged Gov. David Ige to consider delaying a plan to allow travelers to use a negative COVID-19 test to bypass quarantine until the number of new cases on the U.S. mainland and in Hawaii drop significantly.

Hospitals approaching capacity as Miami closes restaurants

MIAMI — Hospitals rapidly approached capacity throughout the Sunbelt on Monday and the Miami area closed restaurants and gyms again because of the surging coronavirus Monday as the U.S. emerged from a Fourth of July weekend of picnics, pool parties and beach outings that health officials fear could fuel the rapidly worsening outbreak.