Your Views for February 8

Cut instead of tax

The mayor states he has no choice but to impose a general excise tax hike on the taxpayers of this county (Tribune-Herald, Feb. 7).

Not in any of the rhetoric or discussions did we hear the word “savings.” It was all spend, spend and spend.

They get the raises, which we can’t afford, and we still don’t see any improvement in county services.

Where is the complete county audit?

Bob Dukat


Real button needed

Fo’ real. The false missile alert really happened. Yes, there’s nothing like the “real” thing to shake things up.

‘Twas a real missile alert, even though it turned out false. With drills, it’s very difficult to predict how people will react in a real situation. Now, we sort of know.

Fortunately, it revealed deficiencies in the existing ad hoc system. Seems the person(s) who scripted, designed and recorded the procedure for the alert contributed to the error. From what I noted in reading the newspaper, it sounded pretty confusing, really.

Maybe a real button would’ve prevented that mishap, versus the computer screen drop-down menu and selection cursor that was employed in this practice exercise. A simple red button, like in the movies. That, I can understand how to use.

I’m so glad it wasn’t a real missile attack.

Lloyd Fukuki


Support Hawaiians

Filipinos in Hawaii must wake up and should not remain silent as Native Hawaiians rectify their legal rights for self-determination and justify their sovereignty in establishing an independent Hawaiian nation.

The Philippines has had a devastating colonial past, first with Spain, then as a U.S. colony after millions of innocent indigenous Filipinos were killed by the U.S. military and by the heinous war crimes by the Japanese occupation.

Therefore, the Filipinos had already experienced the pain of colonization.

Filipinos in Hawaii must morally support the indigenous Native Hawaiians to prevent their ethnocide and exile.

Filipinos have to take a stand against these injustices, whereby our powerful non-Hawaiian lawmakers, with their settler political agenda and will, continue to deceive our Native Hawaiians.

Mel Domingo