Your Views for December 30

Vile message

Vile message

Kudos to the park planners for upgrading the play area at Lincoln Park.

We took our grandchildren (ages 4 and 2) there to play and they climbed all over the structure. They had great fun. The new “grass” is such a plus.

Other children were there with parents and grandparents, and we all had a pleasant time getting to know each other.

Then, this individual shows up and starts setting up his vile and vitriol message. Like Donald Trump would tweet: So sad.

Tim Lynch


Four long years

This is what the next four years are going to be like.

Year One: The economy is still strong; oversight is systematically eroded; Social Security and other programs under attack; there will be a push for later retirement age.

Year Two: Gas prices start to rise again to near $4; there will be a push to invade Syria or Iran; Russia pushes to expand power; economy shows same apparent uptick, as under George W. Bush, because of loss of oversight.

Year Three: Boots on the ground, probably in Iran (since they have oil); bombing in Syria if ISIS still there; gas prices steadily climbing; all products see increase in prices because of increase in shipping costs (due to increased oil prices).

Year Four: Thousands of boots on the ground; the commander in chief during wartime makes his case for a second term to keep America “safe”; all commodities see steadily increasing prices; death toll of 18- to 24-year-olds increasing in war (if your son is currently 15 to 20, you might lose him).

There will be a second term for Donald Trump. A great depression will occur toward the end, and it will not be a great recession because Trump will cease oversight completely, and “the 1 percent” will walk away with everything. Just like they did after eight years of Bush. The difference being Trump and his Cabinet will enable much worse damage to America. Russia will emerge as much stronger and will come forward, along with China, as the New World leaders, and maybe they should. The country with the most jailed citizens in the world should not lead the world. We used to think Russia and China were crazy because they had so many people locked up.

Are we a nation of hypocrites now? Are we so simple that every problem has to be either for or against the problem?

Are we so simple-minded that there is no middle ground? Ninety-nine percent of the population is going to suffer the same consequences, in the same way.

Dennis Chaquette