How will COVID end? Experts look to past epidemics for clues

NEW YORK — Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the world has seen a dramatic improvement in infections, hospitalizations and death rates in recent weeks, signaling the crisis appears to be winding down. But how will it end? Past epidemics may provide clues.

Uptick but no exodus: Despite stress, many teachers stay put

Teachers have been working longer hours. They’re more stressed out. And many say they’ve considered quitting. Yet the vast majority of teachers have stayed in the profession throughout the pandemic, according to a Chalkbeat analysis of the latest data from a number of states and large school districts.

Ige defends state mask mandate

Gov. David Ige on Friday defended his decision to continue the statewide mask mandate despite recent recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Connors: COVID fraud crackdown a priority

The top federal law enforcer in Hawaii said Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s announced crackdown on those responsible for stealing billions in coronavirus relief funds is a priority for her as well.

New pandemic plan: Closer to the normal

WASHINGTON — It’s time for America to stop letting the coronavirus “dictate how we live,” President Joe Biden’s White House declared Wednesday, outlining a strategy to allow people to return to many normal activities safely after two years of pandemic disruptions.