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For centuries, psychic readings have been popular. People go to psychics for various reasons, starting from life questions to love, spirituality, and even for career purposes. There are many types of psychic readings available in the market today; people can find a specific psychic reader for anything. The best part is that you can get a psychic reading remotely nowadays. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home in order to get a psychic reading. There are numerous websites that offer remote psychic reading for people who are interested in them.

In this article, we shall talk about the 5 top sites for a free psychic reading online and discuss what they specialize in:

  1. Mysticsense – Best Overall Psychic Reading Website
  2. Kasamba – Best Psychic Reading Website for Love
  3. Purple Garden – Best on-the-go Psychic Reading
  4. Keen – Budget-Friendly Psychic Reading
  5. AskNow – Best Psychic Reading Via Live Chat & Phone Call



Mysticsense was introduced in 2011 and has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity ever since. The best feature of Mysticsense is that the platform has a wide variety of psychic readings that cater to different people’s needs. Whether you need guidance on career, love, or life, you’ll be sure to find a psychic reader that suits your needs on this site.

You get a lot of options when it comes to Mysticsense; they have something for everyone, including all subcategories such as psychic readings on toxic relationships, dealing with LGBTQ-related issues, social life, and even cheating hearts. Of course, you’ll find that the site is fully functional on more broad categories as well, such as love and relationship, career, and finance. 

With Mysticsense, you’re sure to find the perfect reader for your session since they make sure that everyone gets what they need.

Pros and cons of Mysticsense:


  • It hosts a massive variety of psychic readers
  • You get a free 5-minute reading session with the reader of your choice
  • This site has advanced search filters to help you find what you are looking for easily and quickly.


  • There’s no mobile application



Kasamba has been in service since 1999, creating and biding a vast network of some of the best psychic readers in the industry. Since its inception, Kasamba has helped guide more than 3 million people in different fields such as career, love, and relationships.

The site is hugely popular among psychic predictions enthusiasts because of the sole fact that they house only the most experienced and qualified psychic readers. All their readers are experts at what they do, proving a variety of functions starting from astrology readings to tarot card readings and other psychic readings.

Kasamba thoroughly vets each psychic reader so that their clients never have to go through the headache of making sure their readers are qualified for the job. They run on a client-focused model, which means that all their readers are available 24/7, so you’re sure to find someone to schedule a reading with anytime you want.

They offer a wide variety of readings, from broad and common categories to more niche subcategories, to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to find someone they like on the site to schedule a reading with.

Pros and cons of Kasamba:


  • All reviews from past customers are available so that newcomers on the site can have a genuine and unbiased opinion on all psychic readers
  • The site updates their horoscope readings everyday
  • They also accept all popular transactions like PayPal so that the payment process is easy and seamless


  • No option for video chat psychic reading

Purple Garden

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is the site to go to if you want to experience live chat and live video readings. If you’re not one for sending emails and talking on the phone, this is the perfect site for you. The live psychic chat feature helps clients communicate with readers without the anticipation of waiting long minutes or hours to get a response from their readers.

The whole session is taken in real-time, so you don’t need to wait long for an answer. The best part is the live video chat service where you can actually sit face to face on a computer screen with your psychic reader. This gives clients the edge of a real-life experience without having to leave the comforts of their homes.

The user interface is also simple and easy to use. You don’t need any special knowledge to operate the mobile application or the website, and this helps you focus more of your time on the sessions rather than navigating the site.

Pros and cons of Purple garden:


  • You can download the mobile application on your phone or tablet for easy access
  • They have a proper refund policy, so you never have to second-guess sending money here
  • There is a wide variety of reading specialties available


  • The website does not have any blogs or articles for more information



If you are looking for the best spirit medium for a reading, Keen is the right site for you. This platform is well known for having psychic readers who are great with spiritual readings, so they are always the first choice for people seeking a spiritual reading. Keen’s impressive lineup of spiritual psychic readers makes the site unique. 

Apart from this, you’ll also find that Keen has many other reading specialties available to anyone in the world. The site is accessible worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where you are from; you’ll be able to schedule a reading with some of the best online psychic readers.

Since they have such a wide variety of readers, it is likely that you will find someone who speaks the same language as you if the English medium of exchange is not the one for you. Depending on the reader, you can text, phone call, or email your choice of psychic for your reading.

Pros and cons of Keen


  • You get three free minutes with your psychic reader before the site starts charging you for your session
  • Their customer support is available 24/7, so you can expect prompt service any time of the day.
  • You get affordable psychics on the platform. These cheap psychics are great for those who want a budget friendly reading.


  • You don’t have the option for video chats



For everyone looking for the least time-consuming psychic reading site, this is the one for you. AskNow is known to be one of the most responsive and interactive websites when it comes to psychic predictions. They house a diverse range of readers who are all trained professionals and know what they are doing, so you never have to worry about the authenticity of the readers on the site.

They offer a toll-free number for all website visitors to call if they ever need assistance. The layout of the website is also just as impressive as its service. Making an informed decision is one of the priorities of AskNow that they hold in high regard for all their customers.

Hence, you will find a profile picture of every psychic reader as well as a short description of their qualifications and specialties. You can do your research and pick the most desirable reader for you.

Pros and cons of AskNow:


  • The ‘Ask a Free Question’ feature can be sued by clients before they fully commit to a psychic reader for their session.
  • They have relatively cheap psychic readings on their platform.
  • They have a fully optimized search filter in place to make navigation easier on the site.


  • Bilingual psychic readers may be hard to find.

How we chose these online psychics sites

With thousands of psychic reading websites that exist in the market nowadays, it isn’t easy to choose one that has the best psychics. However, in this article, we’ve come up with a system that helps us choose the best sites for psychic readings. 

Our ranking method is quite unique in that we try to dive in deep with our research before coming up with our top 5 picks for the best psychic reading sites. Here are some of the primary aspects that we make sure to enter into our criteria when choosing the best sites:

There’s nothing as helpful as reading genuine customer reviews when it comes to an understanding the performance of the sites. When a website has organic customer reviews on full display, we know that it checks the box for complete transparency, which is precisely what we are looking for in a website.

Customer reviews are the best way for new users of the service to get an idea of how the site works and whether it will be beneficial for them. No one likes to waste valuable time, so reading reviews is the best way to know if a website is worth the time.

The quality of service is what is of utmost importance when it comes to service providers such as psychic reading. Hence, we check if the websites we consider to be among the top 5 to have genuine and authentic customer reviews and good reviews. If a majority of the customer reviews point toward a positive light, it’s probably a good site that people find helpful and valuable.

Another thing we look for in websites before shortlisting them on the best list is to check what the website claims. Although humans do mysterious, psychic readings like us, so it makes no sense when websites make outlandish promises to their customers about their services.

Genuine and real psychics know not to promise unreachable things to their clients just for the sake of it or to make money off their clients. Good psychics know not to make a fool out of their clients by making false promises and offering inhuman services to their clients. 

Our standards for choosing the best sites lie extensively on positive guidance and proper communication with clients and hopefully showing them the path that they are looking for. 

Another essential factor that needs to be considered when choosing the best psychic sites is to make sure that all the legit psychics on the website are authentic and credible. Many false or fake online psychics reading platfroms claim to give you services that are almost impossible to resist. 

It would be best to make sure that whichever websites you are on have appropriately vetted their psychics to ensure that you get only the best quality experience. Fraudsters will only do it for the money without any real psychic readings for the clients, so make sure you know where you are getting help when you pick a site.

Our vetting system for such websites is thorough and tedious. We work tirelessly to give you only the best and top-rated sites from a credible audience, supporting reputable psychics on the website.
Are the websites rigorously vetting their psychics on the platform? This is a million-dollar question that we always ask every website we are authenticating, making sure all the information is verified.

A vital component of any good website is usability for users. People from all walks of life can come on the psychic reading websites looking for help and guidance. What you need to check for here is the site’s user interface. It needs to be clear, simple, and easy to understand.

There’s no point in having the best psychic reading services if customers cannot access them. Hence, user-friendliness should be of great concern to psychic reading service providers.

All the websites we review go through thorough checking to see if their website is usable and functional, making sure that navigation is easy and understandable for everyone.

The best websites guarantee quality service. A major plus point for any psychic reading platform is when they offer some guarantee; be it monetary or service-wise. Some websites guarantee improvement, while some provide refund policies in case of service dissatisfaction. All these are essential factors that make the website reliable for the customers.

In our search for the best psychic readers, we found that our top choices were always the ones that had a diverse field of options for clients. The possibilities are endless, from regular readings to tarot cards, palmistry psychics, clairvoyant psychics, numerology, astrology, and aura readings. The more diverse the options, the more opportunity for your clients to choose from a wide selection that suits their exact needs. 

This is why we make sure that all the top sites have a wide variety of psychic reading options available to clients 24/7. A good suite should be accessible to all kinds of clients looking for every type of psychic reading.

    What are the different types of psychic readings?

Some of the best Psychic reading sites have the availability of top-rated true psychics who offer a wide range of readings. Apart from having trusted psychics like tarot readers, palm readers, life coach psychics, and love psychics, they should also have a varied range of reading types.

We shall discuss some of the common ones below:

Angel Card Reading
Contrary to popular opinion, Angel card reading is entirely different from tarot card reading. Unlike tarots, these cards service guidance to the clients through supernatural anti toes such as saints, archangels, and ascended gurus.

Psychic readers draw out these cards and use them to point the client on the right path as directed by the entities present in these cards.

Aura Reading
A popular type of reading is the aura reading which clients get from their psychic readers to know about their aura. The aura that we are talking about here refers to a mirror-like entity that reflects what we think about the world. Our aura shows the way that each human is built regarding feelings and thoughts.

According to aura readers, people who think negatively have unpleasant auras as opposed to positive thinkers whose auras are pleasant and blissful. With a negative thinker, the aura experienced by the reader is powerful and seems to push away all positivity in their lives, including positive thoughts, making the person more likely to have a pessimistic point of view on life.

Tarot Readings
As one of the most popular forms of psychic reading, tarots are used to determine the fate and aura of the clients. Tarot card readers don’t necessarily read into their clients’ futures; instead, they try to interpret the possible results of a specific situation.

Tarot reading is entirely dependent on the intuition of the readers and involves picking out the card from a full deck that the reader uses to interpret the possible outcomes for the client.

The entities of these cards are serviced from folklore and religion, which acts as a symbol to represent specific characteristics. The reader may ask you more questions depending on the picked cards to fully understand your situation and guide you better. 

Palm psychic reading is primarily famous in Asian regions and finds its roots in India and China. It involves studying the palm in an in-depth manner and understanding what each color, length, and line in the palm means.

It is also used to predict the future of the client or answer questions about health, love, and career. The lines on the palm give the reader cues as to how the outcome of the person’s life will be.

Crystal Balls
This form of psychic reading is mostly followed by clairvoyant psychics who use a crystal ball to determine the fate of the client. It is believed that readers can see into their clients’ future through the crystal ball that gives them visions.

The crystal ball is used by many psychics other than clairvoyants as a medium to draw their answers.

Oracle Reading
In mainstream culture, oracle reading has always been in use for a majority of psychic readings. When you talk about oracle reading, the idea that many people have is of a spherical object like a crystal ball used to answer questions of the client.

However, it is possible to do an oracle reading without the use of this; instead, people often make use of cards or any other instrument that psychics believe in having special powers for a reading. These instruments are then considered to be oracles.

The origin of numerology dates back to Babylon and Egypt, where the technique was used to reveal specific information about the client. Psychic readers specializing in numerology believe that every event, thought, and feeling relevant to the client’s reasons for seeking a psychic reading can be broken down to basic numbers.

These numbers carry a lot of meaning within them. For example, a person’s birthdate can significantly impact the way the person’s life will pan out to be. Numerologists use significant numbers that are relevant to the client’s life to make calculations and come up with answers.

These numbers can be birth dates, job interview dates, anniversaries, or numbers that you encounter on a daily basis. Anything that carries meaning in your life can be used to make meaningful calculations and interpreted into something else.

Astrology psychic reading is also a common form of psychic reading. Astrologists predict the present and future of their clients by studying the universe. They make their predictions through the position of the planets in the solar system and create meaning out of it.

Mediumship is a type of spirit reading where psychic readers attempt to make meaningful interactions with spirits and entities. These entities are believed to hold a lot of knowledge about the present life as well as predict the future.

Psychic readers who do mediumship readings can help get information from deceased people that were related to or close to the client for answers they may have.


Why Should I Get a Psychic Reading?
Everyone can have their own reasons for visiting a psychic reader, but the most common reasons stem from stress and anxiety. Whether it be about life, love, career, or relationships, people have a lot of fear and stress about dealing with such problems and issues on their own.

Hence, they seek the most gifted to give them a sense of organization when their minds are scattered with thoughts or sometimes subdue negative and fearful thoughts by guiding them towards a clear goal or path.

The goal of a psychic reader is not to give straight-cut answers and predictions about the future but to empower clients to make their own informed decisions.

How to find the best psychics near me?
One of the essential things to keep in mind if you are planning on visiting a psychic for a reading is to have an aim or a specific focus in mind. Without this, your reading session will be vague and inaccurate, and you won’t be able to have satisfactory results with such a reading.

Online psychic reading is the best option if you have more than one focus. You can schedule more than one session with various psychic readers and have them arranged in an order that will help deal with one problem/question at a time.

How do psychic readings work?
Every psychic has their own techniques and process they follow when doing a psychic reading. Also, depending on your choice of reading type, they will make use of instruments such as a crystal ball or tarot cards during your reading session.

Regardless of the method, your psychic will do what is necessary to help you find the right solution for your problems as long as you find accurate psychics.

What can I go to a psychic for?
There are many specialties available on online psychic reading websites. Some of the most popular ones are:
Money and career: These kinds of psychic readings will give you an insight into your career path as well as your financial position. You can come to these psychic readers with questions about your job, company, and business.

Relationships and love: In this type of psychic reading, you can get answers to questions about love, marriage, relationships, family, and other dating advice. 

Loss: When dealing with loss or if you are grieving the loss of a loved one, visiting a psychic reader can help alleviate your stress.

Meaning and life: For those looking for purpose and meaning in life, psychic readings can act as a guiding force towards inspiration.

How to prepare for a psychic reading?
Depending on your focus for the session, you will need to be prepared mentally to give your psychic more information. Try to free your mind from external stress and distractions and focus on the problem at hand.

If your mind tends to wander away quickly, try your best to listen intently and actively partake in the session along with your psychic reader. Keep the interruptions at bay so that it doesn’t disturb your reading in any way. 

Another crucial point to keep in mind is to come up with good questions. Ask only what is necessary and related to the problem you are finding the answers for. Keep the questions short, simple, and straight to the point. 

How do online or phone psychics work?
Online or phone psychics reading have the same goal as in-person readings- to guide and help you find answers to your problems. The only difference is the medium used by psychic readers to interact with the clients.  

How accurate is a psychic reading?
While it is not necessarily a bad thing to go to a psychic, you shouldn’t rely 100% on them as well. Typically, psychics are not equipped to give you a 100% accurate reading no matter the specialties or the techniques used. However, they can help shed some light on your issues by guiding you towards a path that is likely to help you achieve your desired solution.

Paid or free psychic reading?
Free psychic readings are available on a lot of platforms. In fact, some of the popular psychics are on platforms that offer free psychic chat for a few minutes when you first get into psychic readings. This is to help newcomers on the forum get a feel of the land before diving into the actual specifics.

You can even get love psychic reading for free or even get a deal like $1 psychic reading on some sites. Although free, it doesn’t mean that the quality of these few free minutes in your psychic reading session is inaccurate. They are just as good as the paid psychic medium readings.

The best part about these introductory free psychic question or chat is that you can choose to stop, hang up or cut the line if you don’t want to continue with the session and may for it. If you decide that the psychic you are speaking to for the first few free minutes is the one for you, you can go ahead and continue with the session; even schedule another appointment with them if you feel like it.  The only difference is that you have to pay for the session now that the free psychic period is over.

One more thing to note is that sometimes psychic medium reading websites can be very indicative of the “you-get-what-you-pay-for” aspect of the business. If it’s free, it’s probably not authentic. High pricing can mean that you’ll enjoy more benefits as well. However, not all services you have to pay for will be of good quality. Hence it is important for you to really do your research before settling on psychic mediums.

Local “psychic near me” or online psychics?
Back in the day, face-to-face sessions were the only known psychic medium reading sessions. Now with technological advancements, it has become so easy and convenient for people to schedule an appointment for a psychic reading from home. 

Another good thing about online psychics, as opposed to local ones, is that you can schedule a time that is convenient for both you and the psychic so that you don’t have to waste precious time waiting in line for a session face to face. You may also have to pay more fees if you meet them in person vs. online. 

The sad part about this recent development is that fraudsters have become easy to scam innocent clients for money. The best way to overcome this is by reading the reviews online on these websites and making sure that every client has had good experiences with the psychic experts on the platform.

A good reason why online psychic readings are becoming more popular is that people feel more comfortable opening up to someone online rather than in person. It’s more laid back than in-person sessions, which is why more people opt for online psychic readings.

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