How to Buy Instagram Followers: The 7 Best Sites Reviewed


Having a large following on social media is almost a requirement for owning a business or being an influencer. You cannot gain the traction needed to succeed in the modern economy without an online presence, especially if you are competing against more established people or companies.

The challenge for a lot of business owners is that building up a following on a platform like Instagram takes a long time. You have to spend hours each day posting photos and videos, commenting on others’ photos, liking comments on your page, and interacting with people who have something to say about your posts.

While you can engage in such activities every now and then, most of your time is devoted to running and improving your business. Unless you have a dedicated
marketing team, you do not have the time or the resources to 100 percent organically grow your following on social media.

One of the best ways to increase your presence on social media is to buy Instagram

Advantages of Purchasing Instagram Followers

Time is the primary reason to invest in Instagram followers. The old adage of “time is money” most definitely applies to the hours you will have to spend on social media to build up a following.

Only major companies have the resources to put individuals or entire marketing departments onto the task of boosting their social media following. They can easily gain millions of followers and likes and views organically, as they post strategically and constantly to reach a wide audience.

As a small business owner or prospective influencer, you do not have such resources. Rather than spending hours every day on social media, you can spend that time improving your company or personal brand, while you purchase followers for Instagram.

Another reason to invest in followers from reputable websites is to maximize your marketing budget. The internet allows us to reach a wide audience with a few taps, which can help stretch your marketing budget a long way.

There is no reason to have a business account that only has 1000 or 2000 followers, when you can easily purchase followers to reach a hundred times that figure within days. If you play your cards right, you could reach a million followers with modest spending and strategic use of Instagram.

By boosting up your follower count with planned purchases, you are reaching a very wide audience. If you buy premium followers, you can even get them from your target demographic. Then each picture you post, video you upload, and comment you make is seen by a large audience of folks who are very valuable to your professional interests.

Many people notice that if they buy followers a few times, and then continue to post quality content one or two times a day, they will organically gain a much bigger following. Buying followers gives you a leg up, while it also saves you a lot of time and effort.

Below are the top seven websites you can use to safely and quickly buy Instagram followers.

1. Twicsy

Many experts such as US Mag, Men’s Journal, AMNY, New York Family and Atlanta Mag label Twicsy as one of the top two platforms on the web for purchasing Instagram followers. If you want to avoid angering the Instagram algorithm, but also grow your follower count, then you have come to the perfect website. You can get real people to follow your account, ensuring that you have tens of thousands of new followers who may have an interest in what you are posting.

If you run a business, Twicsy is your ally in meeting your social media goals. You get real accounts to follow you, which means you might be getting people from within your target audience. That is especially true if you purchase premium followers or likes from Twicsy. Their high-quality options are still very good, but may not be from within your target demographic.

Twicsy has packages that meet anyone’s budget and requirements. Whether you want to purchase 100 Instagram followers or 100,000 followers, you can make it happen through this platform. They are constantly running promotions during the year, which means you can save even more money on their already knockdown prices.


When you first go on the Twicsy website, you may be stunned to learn you can get active followers for such low rates. They can also get you views and Instagram likes on your photos and videos, along with views on your Instagram stories.

If you have any concerns about the service, or wish to put together a package of followers that is tailor made to fit your needs, then you need only talk to the Twicsy customer service team. They will help you find the ideal solution, and they can even create a package that you can repeatedly order every few weeks or months.

Delivery on followers as well as views and/or likes can always be instant with Twicsy. The only issue is that if you are getting 100,000 followers, you may not want them all to come in at once. You are better off asking Twicsy to deliver those followers slowly. If you get a few thousand new followers every 12 to 24 hours, your increase in follower count will seem a lot more believable to those who were already interested in your profile.

If you have security concerns, you need not fear. Twicsy does not require your Instagram password or any other information to deliver their services. All you need to do is tell them your Instagram username, and you are good to go. They will deliver on their promise, and you can always get in touch with live support if you have any issues.

Buy Instagram Followers on

2. Buzzoid

Along with Twicsy, Buzzoid is one of the best sites in the world to buy active followers to raise your profile on Instagram. If you are serious about growing your social media profile, you can buy Instagram followers through this platform as well as likes and views to raise your presence on Instagram. They do not sell bots or fake followers, which ensures your account remains safe during this process.

The reason so many people choose Buzzoid for their Instagram services is because they have a top notch operation. They have premium and high-quality followers available for purchase. The high-quality options are their lowest price, but are still authentic and active Instagram users.

If you want to spend slightly more money, you can get premium followers or likes, which not only give you real users but ones from within your target demographic. Say you have a business in a smaller city, and you want to get a lot more attention online, you can use premium followers to get 10,000 people from your area following your account.


Another reason Buzzoid has such a high rating with respect to its Insta services is because of the customer support team. Say you have never purchased followers in the past. You may be unsure where to begin. You can message or email the Buzzoid team, and they can help you put together a package that fits your budget and meets your requirements.

There are very few places on the internet where you can get real Instagram followers at better prices and in a more convenient way. Aside from its very low rates and guarantee of quality, Buzzoid gives you two options for delivery. You can either choose instant delivery or you can have the followers delivered to your account in stages over several hours, days, or weeks.

Work with the Buzzoid team to come up with a package that you can afford, and will help you elevate your Instagram account to the next level. You do not even have to provide the service with your Instagram password, as they only need your username. It could not be any easier to buy followers to boost your social media credentials.

3. Rushmax
A relatively old company with a very good reputation, Rushmax is a great place to buy followers to get your account trending. You do not have to worry about buying fake followers through this platform, as they are known for their integrity and honesty.

If you want to achieve Instagram growth and want a high number of followers for your Instagram profile, you have come to the right place. You can get IG followers and likes for modest prices, while you can pay with PayPal or your credit card.

The advantage of buying Insta followers from Rushmax is that you can buy in small or large quantities, choose fast delivery, guarantee yourself organic followers, and ensure that you are not putting your Insta account in any jeopardy.

4. Flock Social

A reputable platform for buying followers, Flock Social is a great place to get your social media marketing campaign under way. You can get any of the affordable follower packages offered by this service, while knowing that you are only getting quality Instagram followers.

There is no concern about purchasing fake Instagram followers through such a service. While the Flock Social platform does not offer a growth service to boost your engagement rate, their low prices, instant delivery of guaranteed real followers, and other perks mean the site is well worth using.

Whether you are a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or a social media influencer, Flock Social can be hugely beneficial to you in the quest to achieve your professional goals. If you want fast delivery of authentic followers and likes, and you want to pay very low prices, then you will struggle to find a better platform than Flock Social.

5. Nitreo

Another reputable place to boost your social proof through premium followers, Nitreo offers a top-tier service in the world of Instagram followers as well as views and likes. You can buy followers to boost brand awareness without having to do more than click a few buttons.

All the packages provided by Nitreo are top of the line, and their quality services are combined by a very supportive team, who can assist you with any issue you may be experiencing. You will be shocked at how quickly the explore page on your Instagram profile is boosted when you buy through this platform.

If you have concerns about bots being among your purchased followers, then you need not fear Nitreo. The platform works very hard to ensure that you are getting authentic followers on each transaction, while they also allow you to use the payment method of your choosing to checkout. The followers you get from this platform will not unfollow you any time soon.

6. Kicksta

Kicksta has a stellar reputation within the community for providing genuine followers on Instagram. You can get cheap Instagram followers that are real users with active accounts. If you want to be among the top Instagram influencers in your area, then such a service is a must for you.

Kicksta not only offers great prices and very appealing bundles of followers and likes, but they also have a friendly support team. You can choose the delivery time that best fits your needs, all the while knowing that you are getting genuine followers. Their cheap Instagram followers are always real users, which ensures you are not falling for any scam that delivers bots.

One of the features that helps Kicksta stand out is their 14-day money back guarantee. If you have any problems with the service they offer, you can request a full refund.

7. Seek Socially

When you are serious about your Instagram growth, you cannot take any chances on the service you use. Many people vouch for Seek Socially as being a great platform to purchase Instagram followers and likes. You will see discounts on the site a lot of the time, further reducing the price on each transaction.

Customer reviews of Seek Socially are very positive, and the company never sells bot accounts or inactive accounts. If you want a lot of views on your Instagram posts in the future, or on your Instagram stories, Seek Socially can help make this happen for you. They let you buy IG followers at knockdown prices, ensuring your quality content reaches a lot more eyeballs in the future.

You get quick delivery on the bought followers through Seek Socially, while the premium followers they sell are usually from within your target demographic. There are very few better services on the web that allow you to affordably and quickly boost your social media presence.

Perks of Safely Buying Instagram Followers

When you want to gain followers on Instagram, you may be tempted to go with the site that offers the very best price. While that is an admirable selection process, it is misguided in this instance. You must get not only a good price, but the best quality followers that you can find.

Investing in low quality followers from disreputable websites will not do anything positive for your Instagram account. You will not see any gain on your important metrics, as you are only getting bots and inactive accounts as followers.

The reason why small business owners invest in real followers for their Instagram page is because they are aware of how they can reach a wider audience with each post thanks to such a service. If you invest in premium followers, you can get tens of thousands of people from your local area following your account.

Tie your Instagram promotion to your wider marketing strategy by making sure that you only purchase followers or likes and views from reputable sites. Such a process ensures that your money is well spent, and that you see real improvements to your follower count in the long-term.

A final concern with respect to using disreputable websites to buy Instagram followers is that you may put your account in jeopardy. Buying followers is against the platform’s terms of service, but you can only get caught if you use sites that sell fake accounts and bots. When you buy real followers or views and likes, you have zero chances of getting into any trouble on Instagram.

Use Instagram for Growth

There is no better and more affordable way to market a business or person than social media. Billions of people use these platforms each day, which opens a window into such a large potential audience for your posts.

If you are serious about growing your company or influencer brand, then you must use one of the above websites to buy Instagram followers for your account. You can achieve a lot in a matter of days using such services, as your follower count can go up from a few thousand to 100,000 or 200,000.

When you have such a large platform on Instagram, each of your posts reaches a wide audience within your ideal demographic. If you bought a lot of premium followers, you are posting to potential customers several times a day.

Make the most of the affordability and reach of social media marketing by purchasing Instagram followers from safe and reputable websites, such as the seven listed above.

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