Spicy Brussels sprouts, kimchi dressing

A couple of years ago a neighbor of mine noticed that I called for gochujang, a Korean hot paste, in a recipe on my blog. She was excited that an ingredient she had grown up with was making its way into recipes in more mainstream American outlets, getting its deserved recognition in the spicy-ingredient pantheon. She even delivered a big jar of gochujang to my door so I could continue playing with it.

Let’s Talk Food: Trends and happenings in the food industry

It is time to check on your spices to make sure they are not moldy and mildewy before the holiday baking starts. Remember that ground spices start to lose their punch after six months and especially here in Hilo where our humidity is high, they may not last as long as in drier climates.

Boo-crative strategy at Southern California theme parks

LOS ANGELES — In years past, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s annual Halloween celebration isolated the monsters and ghouls to certain areas of the amusement park while keeping other parts, such as the kid-centric Bugs Bunny World, as a scare-free sanctuary for parkgoers who wanted no part of what the Southern California park calls Fright Fest.

New series of Buddhist teachings to begin

Beginning Sunday (Oct. 14), Medicine for the Mind Buddhist meditation class will begin a new series of advanced Buddhist teachings — tranquil abiding and the transference of consciousness.

Kauaha‘ao church planning November bazaar

Kauaha‘ao Congregational Church in Waiohinu, Ka‘u, will host a fundraising bazaar from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Nov. 17 on the church campus at the corner of Mamalahoa Highway, Kamaoa Road and Pinao Street just above the Wong Yuen Store.