Kilauea eruption brings brief boost to tourism

Visits to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park got a brief boost when Kilauea erupted again last week, creating new reasons for visitors to come to Hawaii, but just like that, the dramatic view of multiple lava fountains feeding into a lake of molten rock is over.

Adderall shortages could get worse. Blame regulators

Millions of children with ADHD are starting a new school year without regular access to their medications, known as prescription stimulants, which have been in shortage for almost a year. While there are reasonable concerns about the overuse of such drugs, the lack of supply poses a risk to those who legitimately need them — and misguided government regulations are making things worse.

Biden impeachment inquiry opens a dangerous new door

“I am your retribution,” Donald Trump told his followers earlier this year. And, while the former president technically has no role in the newly launched House impeachment inquiry against his once and probably future election opponent, that action is — make no mistake — all about fulfilling Trump’s malicious vow.