East Hawaii lacked rain in September

The last month of the dry season was emphatically so for the windward Big Island, and the National Weather Service’s only official rain gauge to measure rainfall in double-digits in September was in Kona’s coffee belt, which experiences its rainy season in the summer.

Graft convictions extend Suu Kyi’s prison term to 26 years

BANGKOK (AP) — A court in military-ruled Myanmar convicted the country’s ousted leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, on two more corruption charges Wednesday, with two three-year sentences to be served concurrently, adding to previous convictions that now leave her with a 26-year total prison term, a legal official said.

EIS for aquarium fish collecting approved

The agency charged with protecting the state’s natural resources has approved an environmental impact statement allowing the harvesting of tropical fish for the aquarium industry despite ongoing litigation over the issue.

California expands largest US illegal pot eradication effort

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With California’s four-year-old legal marijuana market in disarray, the state’s top prosecutor said Tuesday that he will try a new broader approach to disrupting illegal pot farms that undercut the legal economy and sow widespread environmental damage.

Angela Lansbury, ‘Murder She Wrote’ star, dies at 96

NEW YORK — Angela Lansbury, the scene-stealing British actor who kicked up her heels in the Broadway musicals “Mame” and “Gypsy” and solved endless murders as crime novelist Jessica Fletcher in the long-running TV series “Murder, She Wrote,” has died. She was 96.

Attorneys argue over school shooter’s fate: death or prison

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The prosecutor and defense attorney for Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz agreed Tuesday that his 2018 attack that killed 17 people was horrible, but disagreed in their closing arguments on whether it was an act of evil worthy of execution or one of a broken person who should be imprisoned for life.

Ex-Texas cop charged for shooting teen eating hamburger

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A now-former San Antonio police officer was charged Tuesday with two counts of aggravated assault by a peace officer for shooting and gravely wounding a teen who was eating a hamburger in his car in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Biden’s misstep on ‘strategic ambiguity’

At first, it seemed that President Joe Biden had misstated policy when he said the United States would defend Taiwan from aggression by China. The White House promptly walked back his remarks, and the potentially explosive gaffe appeared to have been resolved.

UN, G7 decry Russian attack on Ukraine as possible war crime

KYIV, Ukraine — Russian forces showered Ukraine with more missiles and munition-carrying drones Tuesday after widespread strikes killed at least 19 people in an attack the U.N. human rights office described as “particularly shocking” and amounting to potential war crimes.

New Supreme Court docket tees up more right-wing activism from the bench

The start of a new Supreme Court term isn’t something that most Americans put on their calendars. But after the last term demonstrated just how eager the court’s conservative majority is to reshape the nation in its ideological image, the new term that started Oct. 3 bears watching — with trepidation. Numerous hot-button topics are on the court’s docket this term, indicating the majority isn’t done fiddling with settled law in service to one side in the culture wars.

AP source: NFL to discuss roughing calls, no change imminent

The NFL did not give officials a directive to emphasize roughing-the-passer penalties following Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion, but the topic will be discussed next week when NFL owners meet in New York, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told The Associated Press.