Columbia River’s salmon are at the core of ancient religion

ALONG THE COLUMBIA RIVER — James Kiona stands on a rocky ledge overlooking Lyle Falls where the water froths and rushes through steep canyon walls just before merging with the Columbia River. His silvery ponytail flutters in the wind, and a string of eagle claws adorns his neck.

Climate bill’s unlikely beneficiary: US oil and gas industry

BILLINGS, Mont. — The U.S. oil industry hit a legal roadblock in January when a judge struck down a $192 million oil and natural gas lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico over future global warming emissions from burning the fuels. It came at a pivotal time for Chevron, Exxon and other industry players: the Biden administration had curtailed opportunities for new offshore drilling, while raising climate change concerns.

B1G deal: Big Ten lands $7 billion, NFL-style TV contracts

The Big Ten has announced its new, seven-year media rights deal with Fox, NBC and CBS that is believed to be the richest ever struck with a college sports conference. A person familiar with the contracts tells The Associated Press that the conference’s soon-to-be 16 member universities eventually will share more than $1 billion in revenue per year. Starting in 2024, when USC and UCLA join the conference, Big Ten football Saturdays will be structured similar to the NFL. That means three marquee games being carried in consecutive time slots on three different major TV networks.

Browns’ Deshaun Watson suspended 11 games, fined $5 million

BEREA, Ohio — Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will serve an 11-game unpaid suspension, pay a $5 million fine and undergo professional evaluation and treatment as part of a settlement with the NFL following accusations of sexual misconduct by two dozen women.

Cheney has 3 options going forward

Routed in her bid to retain her Wyoming House seat, Rep. Liz Cheney made clear this is only the start of her battle to keep Donald Trump from returning to the White House in 2024.

When it came to banana republic behavior, Trump wrote the book

A new book about former President Donald Trump’s relationship with the Pentagon’s top military commanders offers a vivid glimpse into the way he misconstrued the military as just another asset in his political inventory, a tool to be used for whatever personal objective he sought.

Judge limits privilege defense in AZ Mormon sex abuse case

An Arizona judge overseeing a high-profile lawsuit accusing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of conspiring to cover-up child sex abuse has ruled that the church may not refuse to answer questions or turn over documents under the state’s “clergy-penitent privilege.”

Pair accused of stealing car, dog

Two people have been arrested and charged in connection with the theft Saturday of a 2021 Honda CR-V sport-utility vehicle and a purebred Weimaraner dog from the parking lot of Prince Kuhio Plaza.