Volcano Watch: Lessons for the future from Mauna Loa’s 1916 eruption

  • USGS map Map of lava flows erupted from the Southwest Rift Zone of Mauna Loa, using data from the Geologic Map of the State of Hawaii (Sherrod and others, 2021). Lava flows erupted in 1950, 1926, 1919, 1916, 1907, 1887, and 1868 are shown in different colors on the map.

  • Photograph by H. Wood/Courtesy of University of Hawaii at Manoa Hamilton Library Image of the steam plume that accompanied the start of Mauna Loa’s 1916 eruption on the Southwest Rift Zone. View is from within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, with Kilauea caldera wall visible in the middle of the photo.

The year 1916 not only marked the birth of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, but also is remembered for the eruption of the Honamalino flow from the Southwest Rift Zone (SWRZ) of Mauna Loa 106 years ago.