Tropical Gardening: Australia’s silver oak in full bloom in West Hawaii

  • Photo courtesy of Voltaire Moise The Silver Oak (Grevillea robusta) Forests of North Kona and Ka‘u are in full bloom with their bizarre orange inflorescences. Another specie with red flowers (Grevillea banksia) is rare but found in parts of Ka‘u near Pahala. These trees have naturalized in abandoned pasture lands to the point we take them for granted but enjoy them just for their beauty.

April showers bring May Flowers. Some in Hawaii are from Australia. When it comes to strange animals and plants, Australia is in the lead for its share of the unusual to unique. This ancient mini continent has mammals that lay eggs to the marsupials that carry their premature babies in pouches. Recent fires put many in the animal kingdom at risk and the plant kingdom as well. Some Australian ecosystems will be altered for centuries and some may never recover.