Your Views for October 6

Maverick politicians

John McCain was considered a maverick, because he bucked his party in order to do the right thing. There was no other reason.


Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who pretended to be a progressive, loves the idea of being a maverick, because it also shines a spotlight on her and gives her national attention, like Joe Manchin.

Both are pretending to be mavericks, for the same reasons. It is because they want to do the right thing, like John McCain used to do?

No. It’s for the same reason that Tulsi Gabbard did it. To benefit themselves.

When will voters learn that many politicians, on both sides, only care about themselves?

A RINO or DINO does not mean they are voting with or care about the opposite party; it means they only care about themselves and will do whatever it takes to raise their profile nationally in order to raise funds and get paid in other ways.

As long as suckers keep voting in self-serving politicians, their voters will get what they deserve.

The Gabbards, Sinemas and Manchins will do nothing for their voters, while getting their 15 minutes of fame.

Dennis Chaquette



Roger Schweitzer’s idea to ban drive-thrus to help solve global warming (Your Views, Sept. 29) made me chuckle.

Perhaps some enterprising Ph.D. candidate could get a government grant to determine which emits more carbon — idling for a minute or turning off your engine and restarting. Of course, everyone would have to follow that protocol. But look on the bright side, businesses will have to employ more people as line police.

I’ve noticed that takeout lines are indeed sometimes very long. Why not have a parking area and give customers a number that you put on top of the car? Service time for everyone would be faster, and those waiting would probably turn off their carbon-generating vehicles. Problem solved?

Last I heard, America is still capitalistic. What a business wants to do is, more or less, up to them. Granted, government mandates are more prevalent today, but hopefully Big Brother won’t ban takeout lines in the immediate future. After all, it is better for COVID-19, and I get my exercise in the gym and around the house, not walking into a fast food joint.

Most people do what they can to help the environment. I drive an electric car, plant trees and try not to fart. After all, methane is a much worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Perhaps the government should mandate okole plugs — at least for cows.


Fred Fogel


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