Your Views for July 29

Regarding Azevedo

I’m dismayed that Neil Azevedo has been placed on leave for 30 days (Tribune-Herald, July 19).


Neil is one of the hardest-working county employees, with a lot of irreplaceable institutional knowledge. Yes, he is still supposedly employed, but this whole thing has been mishandled by Mayor Mitch Roth’s administration.

I’ve heard two different stories as to what happened. One of the stories stated that a family emergency necessitated that he temporarily step away. The other story I heard is what was published in the paper, which stated that he was suspended for 30 days.

There are two aspects that I find troubling. This is the second high-profile personnel issue that has cropped up since the new administration has taken over.

The other aspect I find troubling is “a source” reportedly stated he was suspended — even though there is no concrete proof this occurred.

I hope the County Council takes a closer look into what is going on in the Department of Public Works.

Aaron Stene


Green’s giveaway

Although Hawaii purportedly ranks the fourth-highest COVID-19 vaccinated state in the nation at 59%, Lt. Gov. Josh Green wants to bribe currently unvaccinated residents with a $50 payment “that can be used to buy groceries” to take the vaccine.

He is concerned that without such a cash incentive, Hawaii will not meet “that 70% threshold the governor feels is important” (Tribune-Herald, July 24).

Seventy percent of the state’s 1.4 million population is 980,000 persons. To reach the desired 70% “threshold,” 154,000 persons remain to be vaccinated.

At $50 a pop, the Green giveaway would approach almost $8 million.

And I don’t think it’s coming out of the Green’s pocket. There is only one ultimate source of government funding and that is the American taxpayer. By the time all this “free money” is added to the current inflationary spiral, its $50 recipients will be lucky to be able to afford to buy a can of beans.

Richard Hoeflinger


‘In this together’

Each island is getting higher with COVID-19 cases. Is it the traveling issues, not enough vaccinations, no masks, or big gatherings?

Granted, we all need to live each moment that we’re given, and we need to work together on tackling these events, but why aren’t things getting better?

The nightmares that are filling each state with violence and irrational events aren’t giving anyone any hope.

To make it the law to get the vaccine isn’t a matter of life, wealth, opinion or politics. Reality: It’s our children’s welfare.

Let’s wake up, everyone. We’re all in this together. On a wing and a prayer, this too shall pass.


Lynise Tarring


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