Your Views for July 14

Voter suppression

To understand what the GOP is up to, you only have to look at the final vote tallies in a few states.


They are targeting a few states, but added in more, to take the spotlight away from their real target.

In Arizona, Biden won by around 11,000 votes. All the GOP has to do is take away the opportunity for 12,000 people to vote. So they made a law saying if you don’t vote every two years, you are taken off the list of voters, and you will not get a ballot.

In Georgia, Biden won by less than 13,000 votes. So the GOP changed a lot of things, like not everyone gets a ballot, and is restricting places to vote so that people will not turn up to vote.

In Florida, they voted Republican last time, Democrat the two times before that.

So the GOP introduced various methods of making sure people’s voter registration may not get updated, and made sure there are less polling places.

You would expect these things 100 years ago, but not in the 21st century. It’s what you would expect from Third World countries, or places like Russia, China and the Middle East.

But then again, conservatives run those countries … so, yeah.

Democracy is under attack, and if we the people don’t protect it, then we become another failed country.

Patriots put America first, not their corrupt politicians.

Dennis Chaquette


Do the right thing

It is upsetting to read that Hawaii is still only at about 60% fully vaccinated. Yes, we seem to be doing better than other states, but nobody should be satisfied with that number.

At some point, we just have to admit that the pandemic has become a lesson about selfishness instead of selflessness.

It started with the selfish hoarding of products (toilet paper, food, etc.) early on during the crisis, and it’s ending with a large number of people who just refuse to do their part for the sake of society. I bet these two groups overlap quite a bit.

Society survives on law and order. Law and order depends on the vast majority of people doing the right thing.

Not enough people are doing the right thing. Get vaccinated!


A. Yamamoto