Free beer, other new incentives for Biden’s ‘vaccine sprint’

WASHINGTON — Dangling everything from sports tickets to a free beer, President Joe Biden is looking for that extra something — anything — that will get people to roll up their sleeves for COVID-19 shots when the promise of a life-saving vaccine by itself hasn’t been enough.

Biden, GOP senator talk as time drags on infrastructure deal

WASHINGTON — For nearly an hour, President Joe Biden and the top Senate Republican negotiating infrastructure met Wednesday behind closed doors — two seasoned legislators engaged in another round of conversations, but emerging with few outward signs of tangible progress ahead of a deadline next week.

Cease building in Puna makai

As a life-long resident of the Island of Hawaii with a career spent learning and teaching natural and cultural histories of Hawaii nei, I view the foolhardy decision to rebuild infrastructure as a waste of taxpayer dollars, at the same time taxpayer dollars are being expended to buy back houses and land destroyed by the 2018 eruption.

Biden’s plan to attack America’s racial wealth gap is focused and long overdue

The Black Lives Matter reckoning has mainly focused on the too-high probability that African Americans will be on the receiving end of deadly police force. But other racial inequalities — in health care, education, housing and broader economics — are equally entrenched in this country, demanding powerful correctives by our government. Tuesday, President Joe Biden made a good start.