Your Views for January 13

‘Traitorous’ actions

I am angry and disgusted about what has occurred this past week at our nation’s capital.


We had the president of the United States exhorting thugs and anarchists and racists to overthrow our constitutional democracy. And we continue to “debate” his actions.

Donald Trump has made it very clear that he is opposed to American democracy; instead, he is a fascist intent in preserving hold on our country.

I’ve read the comments of his supporters in this “rag” that extol his virtues, yet contain no substance. Shame on you!

This bozo has diminished our international presence, wrecked our economy, created division in our country, and is responsible for the deaths of more than 375,000 United States citizens due to his utter lack of leadership in the response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Now, we have congressional representatives debating his traitorous and egregious actions. This fool needs to be charged, prosecuted and condemned. Now!

Michael Grigsby


Don’t be an accomplice

Dear Republicans: Now do you see what we were talking about?

The lies, the anger, the bullying, the encouraging of racist militias. President Trump created a mob of angry people, and you did nothing to stop him. Time after time after time, he broke the norms of governing — from personally profiting from his office to asking foreign leaders to help him win elections.

Now, after the “Cuckoo Coup” and with eight days to go in his presidency, you say you have had enough. Wow, such courage!

You have broken our country — the least you can do is help fix it. Admit that there was no electoral fraud. Admit that global warming is a real thing. Admit that you don’t care about social justice as long as you get your tax cut. The first step in breaking an addiction is admitting you have a problem.

I was just watching Fox News. Sean Hannity said he believes Antifa was behind the mob in the Capitol. So it appears that the Rupert Murdoch-controlled propaganda network is not going to change. That means that you, dear grassroots Republicans, you are going to have to lead the way.

Stop watching the Fox lies. Stop belittling the moderates in your party. Stop the hate for immigrants, blacks and gender-benders. Otherwise, you will forever be an accomplice in the “Cuckoo Coup.”

Matt Binder


Devil vs. cat

Regarding Julie Ingman’s rant on Friday, Jan. 8 (Your Views, Tribune-Herald): People see what they want to see.

Where Ingman saw a naked devil, the rest of us saw a kitty-cat.

I guess that makes her absolutely disgraceful.


L. E. Goldstein


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