Your Views for January 8


Ditto on the letter from Patricia Enoka called “Fake news” (Your Views, Jan. 6).


This newspaper is as bad as the Associated Press — pretty one-sided.

And Thursday’s comic of a naked devil President Trump is not only uncalled for but absolutely disgraceful!

Shame on you, Tribune-Herald!

Julie Ingman

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Gone soon

Everybody just calm down!

Trump will leave the White House soon. He will take his poison with him.

The nation will get back to facing and solving its problems.

He will become just another off-plumb brick in the wall, forgotten and hoping for a new party to form to get him into office again.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Gone. He will stay gone. History will move on. New leaders will emerge and crises evolve.

Trump had his chance at greatness, and he didn’t have enough greatness to fill the position.

Gone. Gone. Gone.

Shunned by an ungrateful nation.

Trump, please, just go away.

Enough already.

Tom Beach


Time to resign

If Trump is “smart,” he’ll do a few more extreme things and then resign before the end of his term and have Mike Pence issue him a pardon. Pence can quote scripture about leaving moral judgments up to Judgment Day, and he’ll probably sleep just fine.

If the American people are smart, they will prosecute Trump, et al, for all of the illegal actions taken by them and their various corporate interests, making sure to make it true that no one is to be held above the law.

In a land of many religions, we can collectively hold some things as sacred, such as our equality under the law and rights made real in civic action.

We can heal and become stronger.

And we might improve “the system” here and there, such as by removing presidential pardons and the Electoral College.

Carl Oguss


Capitalists’ spoils

It’s 2021, and capitalists are so successful socializing their failures and debts — and with their spoils do you think no one would go hungry or be evicted?

But instead they spend it to go to Mars.

And what’s worse is that our elitist Congress won’t tax them to make a difference.


John P. Begg


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