Your Views for December 11

Mahalo, first responders

My husband, Brian, and I are grateful to our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, for saving Brian early Saturday morning and for first responders!


Three wonderful young medics from the Haihai Street fire station came to our home and revived Brian from a very serious hypoglycemic episode.

As an RN wife, I have never seen him so medically compromised, and it was a frightening experience to see my spouse of 43 years possibly heading toward a diabetic coma, stroke or death. The medics were professional, kind and skilled, working together as a team to administer treatment, and to monitor Brian’s condition!

After he was stabilized, they even apologized for wearing their shoes in the house, being culturally sensitive, and talked story for a short time with us.

We thank God for first responders who risk their lives in various situations, not knowing how people will respond to their life-saving efforts! They face many unknowns during this COVID time. We did not take the time to even ask the three young men their names, but just know that we are grateful for you all and your coworkers! Our prayers are with you.

Brian and Joyce Mukai


New Trump slogan

President Trump just had a Georgia rally to try to get people to vote in the runoff election.

Trump said, “The vote is rigged, they steal the vote … but … you need to go vote in the runoff election, otherwise the socialists win.”

So Trump said votes don’t count, but go vote, and your votes will count?

New slogan for Trump’s Red Hats: “You can’t fix stupid.”

Dennis L. Chaquette


Online school is rough

Heavily shaken by this COVID-19 crisis, many of us are currently dealing with some issues, and my main issue is online schooling.

It’s taking a big turning point in my life, and with the mindset I have, I was thinking that online schooling would make things easier for me and others. Unfortunately, it has made things quite difficult. There is more work to be done, there are poor online instructions given, and with the lack of interpersonal communication it makes it hard for us students.

In my honest opinion, teachers are lacking big time, meaning they don’t reply as quickly when we need the help for assignments. It then gets a bit hard to stay motivated and want to hop online for school. Lastly, technical difficulties are such a pain. Everyone goes through it, and we can’t help it.

Online schooling is giving me such a headache, my head is about to pop off. It’s beating me up right now. But, I do believe online schooling can become a lot better than it is right now. This can be accomplished if we all work together as a team.

That means that teachers are going to be more on it with providing the help that is needed, and for my classmates to not take advantage of this whole staying home thing due to this pandemic.

I’d like for teachers to understand that when we have technical difficulties, it ain’t our fault. Some of these teachers get upset and think otherwise.

When it comes to group projects, students need to contribute to it, not wait until the last minute when it’s due the next day.

In conclusion, online schooling has taken a big turning point. More work has been given out to us students, teachers provide poor online instructions, and with the lack of interpersonal communication it makes it hard for us students.

I believe that these problems should be addressed so that it’ll make things a bit easier, not only for me, but other students who are facing these problems.


Lilliane Toledo

Hilo High School student

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