Your Views for September 3

Obesity deadlier now

Would you like to avoid a trip to the intensive care unit or the cemetery caused by contracting COVID-19?


Sure you would. Most people like to keep on living.

Here is the simple way to keep on living in the midst of the pandemic: Eat right.

Yup. That’s it. Your doctor won’t tell you this. Dr. Anthony Fauci won’t tell you.

The people who should tell you are not telling you the full truth.

They are not telling you that you have to stop eating crap food that makes you obese. That is not PC. It might be rejected as insulting and demeaning and not scientifically proved.

Obese people are many times more likely to end up in the ICU or dead as people who are the correct body mass index and who eat quality foods. Even poor people can simply stop drinking sugary sodas.

We do not need to know the scientific reasons for this truth. All we need to know is that it is true. And it is true.

Forty-two percent of Americans are obese. Six percent of Chinese are obese. Has it occurred to you that is the reason we, as a nation, are dying by the thousands and why Chinese are not?

You can glove up, and mask up, and wash up, isolate and live far out in the country and still be much more likely to be hospitalized or die of COVID-19 if you are obese.

In fact, you are much more likely to die, period, if you are obese.

If you are sitting in your home eating Krispy Kreme pastries or fast foods with a ton of calories, you are signing your own death warrant. That is the truth, even without COVID-19. COVID-19 just kills you faster.

So, stop. Think. Eat less high-calorie junk food. Eat the right stuff and live.

You will not get this message from your health department. You will not get it from Dr. Fauci or other health authorities.

But since I don’t worry about getting re-elected or offending you, I am telling you the truth.

Eat less. Eat the right foods. Slim down. Live.

Tom Beach


Local lumber

Guy Cellier’s cogent Aug. 12 letter (Your Views, Tribune-Herald) underscored two issues related to the Honua Ola power generation facility that received scant prior discussion.

First, the economic benefit derived from harvesting and milling trees expressly planted on defunct sugar production land for that purpose would offset to some degree the current and likely long-term local loss of tourism income.

Many believe Hawaii’s economic future has been unalterably changed. It’s not the same-old, same-old anymore. Time to rethink.

Secondly, Mr. Cellier notes those lumber-processing operations generate a significant amount of wood waste — more than 50% of each tree processed, which requires disposal. If not consumed in a waste-to-power generation facility with conforming emission controls, then where?

I have no dog in the Honua Ola fight. But similar controversies suggest it’s easy to be a naysayer and that they are in no short supply. Why not think positively and work to support ourselves with what we have or could have right here on the island?

Imagine, if you will, constructing your home with locally produced lumber products.

Richard Hoeflinger


‘Act of war’

Aside from giving aid and comfort to an enemy, the only other charge of treason is levying war against the United States.

Intentionally destroying the U.S. Postal Service in order to prevent votes from being counted is, in no uncertain terms, an act of war.

President Donald Trump’s goal is to retain supremacy in the vote count by preventing those who would not vote for him to be counted.

Trump likes this job so much that even if he loses the election, it might take sheer brute force to evict him from the office of the presidency. He claims voting by mail creates fraud, but absentee ballots are great. Other than their name, there is no difference between them.

I do not take charging someone with treason lightly, but Trump has gone well over the line.


Dave Kisor


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