Your Views for August 20

‘Never forget’

Never forget the Trump voter.


Because after President Trump goes to prison, they will still be among us.

Wanting to lock children in cages.

Wanting to collude with Russian intelligence.

Wanting to harm anyone who does not look like them.

Pretending to be Christians, because it profits them.

Pretending to be patriots, because they are protecting the Kremlin.

Pretending to be Republicans, because it helps spread their ideology of hatred.

The dictator can only talk about what he would like to see happen. The dictator does not implement their nightmare.

Without the supporters, the dictator can only talk like a madman. It’s the supporters who harm people. It’s the supporters who do the dirty work.

After Trump is in prison, they will still move among us freely.

And they will just look for another George W. Bush, another Trump, to help them harm America.

Dennis Chaquette


Step up, DHHL

Native Hawaiian homesteaders living on Hawaiian Home Lands have received shoddy internet service from Sandwich Isles Communications, the Department of Hawaiian Home Land’s exclusive telecommunications provider for voice and data services, during the past several years.

Sandwich Isles offers a maximum 15 Mbps/3 Mbps DSL service, which is significantly slower than Hawaiian Telcom and Spectrum’s residential service offerings.

Sandwich Isles’ lack of speed upgrades is because they’ve been insolvent since 2013. Their insolvency has led to the filing of multiple lawsuits against them by the creditors of Paniolo Cable LLC and the federal government.

These various lawsuits will ultimately result in the dissolution of Sandwich Isles.

There are two options how this will play out. The first option is one entity purchases Paniolo Cable/Sandwich Isles and keeps the assets intact. This is the less disruptive option for DHHL homesteader’s internet/voice connectivity.

If there are multiple buyers for these assets, the likelihood of a major service disruption is very real.

DHHL has a fiduciary responsibility that all Native Hawaiian homesteaders have uninterrupted voice/data service. They entered into an exclusive agreement with Sandwich Isles in 1995, which barred other companies from serving these areas.

This is why DHHL needs to take the lead in ensuring homesteader access to these necessary utilities.

Aaron Stene


Keep keiki home

I’m writing to urge the community to keep our schools closed or keep your children home from school to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Once the schools are open, even if the children wear masks in class, they will remove them during recess and lunchtime. The virus will come home with them and infect their parents and kupuna, and someone you love could die..

If you can work with your ohana to have different people teach your children in small groups and practice social distancing and wearing masks, those parents who need to go to work will not have to stay home with their children every day.

So, please, even if the schools are open, keep your children home.


Francine Pearson


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