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Rise up, taxpayers

What is it going to take for our government — state and local representatives — to do their jobs that we pay them for? The state of Hawaii is paying and supporting organizations that benefit a small group of people, but it doesn’t benefit us all equally or fairly.


Who is representing the rest of the community about how our tax dollars are being spent? Who is looking after our constitutional and civil rights? Who is implementing and enforcing the laws in Hawaii? Who exactly is running this show?

Well, I say it’s the people. This is not the Wild Wild West, where anything goes. We do have laws, and we are supposed to have civil and obedient order.

Even King Kamehameha knew this was necessary when he made the first laws of the land. He was very strict about those laws.

You broke those laws, it resulted in death. There was no ho‘oponopono or a trial in court. You died if you didn’t follow those laws, and that was it.

If our state representatives don’t want to comply with our U.S. Constitution, then they need to change the constitution. This is the United States of America, even if they are in denial of this. We are a free nation.

Wake up and get your head out of the sand and do something about it. I served. I did my time in the military to secure all your freedom, including the protesting, but the rule of law must be followed.

We could look at this another way. We could be a communist country like Russia, China or North Korea, where we don’t have a say in anything.

Taxpayers, take a stand. Take this injustice to your local representatives. If you want your message to remain anonymous, then write the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division in Washington, D.C..

Express to them how you feel about what is happening here in Hawaii. And call them out on their corruption.

How are our tax dollars really being spent? Why do they ask for more money when it’s not managed properly? Why is it so easy to throw away our money and not account for it?

They forget who they represent. And that is all of us, because we pay their salaries.

No more arm-chair activism should be tolerated. We do have a say in this, believe it or not. Native Hawaiians are not exempt from the U.S. laws. We need to let them and our representatives know that we are paying attention, and we are watching them.

No more milking the system. Milking is for cows.


Mike Nathaniel

Mountain View

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