Your Views for January 17

Prove you need it

To watch the Department of Land and Natural Resources and state Attorney General Claire Connors ask for more money from the state Legislature is almost as pathetic and uncomfortable as watching them all scramble for answers.


Everyone is looking to the other to explain to the Legislature exactly why they are there with their hands wide open wanting more money.

There are a few problems in requesting for this new funding. Hawaii state residents haven’t even seen the breakdown of the last $15 million the state gave them for the Maunakea reimbursements. We first were told that the money was allocated for the Hawaii Fire Department and Hawaii Police Department. Then we were told it was just to reimburse HPD. Then there was a point where the County Council refused to take the money. Then later, Gov. Ige makes a public announcement that we have spent $15 million in Maunakea expenditures.

Second, if law enforcement has already been pulled by Gov. Ige, and all our state and county equipment has been pulled, and DLNR as well as the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands doesn’t have a problem with the illegal camping by the protesters that is completely destroying our echo system, then what’s the problem? Where is the need for all this extra money?

You all look like a bunch of greedy and arrogant idiots who don’t want to follow the U.S. laws, but yet want to take more of our money.

You don’t listen to all the people equally. You treat all your people like red headed step-children. You continue to support a certain group of people of a specific race, and you want more money from all of us who have not all been protected or supported equally?

Try going to Office of Hawaiian Affairs and ask for some of that fraudulent money they stole from all of us. That should cover more than what you all need for your “so-called” upcoming Maunakea protesting expenditures.

Has the state of Hawaii completely lost its mind? We know that none of our state and county representatives have any ethical morals left, but seriously? And your citizens are scrapping for a dollar raise annually toward a higher minimum wage while others are pillaging and living out in the streets while you all intentionally ignore what’s going on in hopes it will just all go away?

I say the hell with all of you. Start looking up each other’s arses for all that missing money you stole from all the taxpayers. The Legislature shouldn’t give a dime more to any of these individuals until they first find all that stolen money.

In the meantime, ask yourselves: How does it feel to want?

Lisa Malakaua

Hilo Hawaii resident

Regarding Borden

Mr. James Borden: For years, you have made your hatred for abortion perfectly clear (Tribune-Herald, Your Views, Jan. 15).

Abortion is a highly controversial subject, and you have a right to your opinion. But before you claim the high ground in the “right to life” issue, I would also like to know your thoughts concerning America’s recent unprovoked wars; our country’s unparalleled obsession with guns; the death penalty; children dying every day of malnutrition in this, the richest country in the world.

These, Mr. Borden, are living, breathing human beings who have every bit as much “right to life” as any embryo or fetus.

Where is your outrage? Perhaps if you had a 15-year-old daughter pregnant due to rape or incest, you might be a little less willing to call her doctor a murderer.


Dale E. Crabtree


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