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Do the right thing

Our nation is divided. It is embittered. It is already waging civil war. And Russia is laughing with delight. The guy they helped get elected and who owes them his election victory is causing our nation to be split apart.


President Trump’s kissing up to Vladimir Putin and other dictators is indicative of who he really wants to be.

Trump does not want to be our president. He wants to be our emperor. Just like Caesar wanted to be emperor. Unfortunately, our majority senators are unable to muster enough moral strength to rid the nation of this pretender to the throne.

It is therefore incumbent upon us citizens to remove this president and restore our nation to some semblance of sanity and integrity. It is a good sign that the people who represent the people of our nation have seen it their duty to censure this president.

The Senate, the body representing states’ rights, has found it advantageous to support and defend this racist, lying, misogynous and evil man. He represents their values to a “T.” They love the guy.

However, the evidence is in, and testimony is now recorded. Trump has far exceeded his mandates of office. He has exceeded decorum and his legal limits of his office. He has mocked those who tried to tell him he was and is far outside the oath of his office.

“No, no, no, Mr. Trump, that is not legal. You cannot do that sort of thing. No, you are wrong and you must stop. These things you have done are illegal and immoral and unethical. You must stop. If you will not stop of your own accord, then it is our duty to stop you and possibly remove you from your office of presidency. This is not a warning. This is an order to stop and desist and make amends.”

To you Republicans who still think, please be advised that your leader is a criminal and is untrustworthy.

This is not an opinion. It is not a bias. It is a fact based on evidence and witness testimony.

Your president is a crook. Yup. A crook. You are not doing your duty by protecting him from scrutiny or by disallowing the subpoenas to be enforced. You are his accomplice. Instead of defending and abetting him, it is your duty to seek the truth and accept that truth and act on it without bias or prejudice.

Yes, I know, I am asking a lot. How can I possibly ask you senators to betray your party and your brainwashed constituencies and your president and uphold the tenets of our Constitution? Well, I am asking, and I actually expect your to take the higher road, even if it costs you your next election.

Wow! I must be insane. Nope. Just a patriot.

Do the right thing, you senators. Do the righteous thing. The rottenness needs to be cut out of the national body politic.

Do your duty to the nation. Not the fascists and rednecks and religious zealots.

That’s right. Do the right thing, and take the heat.


Tom Beach


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