Keiki can get information about jobs in science, engineering and computers

Perpetuating Unique Educational Opportunities, or PUEO, invites parents and teachers to bring their children and students to meet mentors in the fields of science, engineering and computers, as well as those in other positions existing on Hawaii Island, including on Maunakea.

This free event is 4:30-7 p.m. Wednesday (Dec. 12) at the Institute for Astronomy Building located at 640 N. Aohoku Place in Hilo.


Attendees will learn what education and skill sets are required to enter such fields, have the opportunity to speak with actual scientists and experts to find out how they qualified for such interesting and well-paid positions and learn what they need to do to pursue a career that would allow them to stay on the Big Island and provide for their future.

Food and refreshments will be served.

PUEO is a Native Hawaiian-led nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the educational opportunities for all of Hawaii’s youth and their communities,

PUEO consists of board members from the community who, along with volunteers, share PUEO president Keahi Warfield’s vision that science and culture can work together to produce a better future for everyone.


The group’s goal is to bring Hawaii’s youth up to meet the challenges of today’s world but provide them with opportunities to learn and grow right here at home.

PUEO is a new organization with founding members who have decades of experience helping communities and keiki learn and grow.