Prospects for special legislative session for disaster recovery funds for Puna dwindling

  • HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald Former Lanipuna Gardens resident Hershel Hood leans against the truck he says he might lose because of a lack of funds.

  • This Hawaiian Volcano Observatory comparison shows satellite images of Leilani Estates subdivision before and after Kilauea’s eruption in lower Puna. The image on the right, from early September, shows that the eastern portion of the subdivision was covered by lava. The fissure 8 lava channel runs northeast from the fissure 8 cone at the start of the channel. Note also the brown areas of dead vegetation south of the lava flow. Highway 130 runs north-south along the left side of the images.

Mayor Harry Kim continued to hold out hope Friday for a last-minute special session of the state Legislature to approve disaster recovery funding for Puna, even as lawmakers say that window has closed.