Your Views for September 13

Vote yes

The state constitutional amendment to allow a tax on investment property for the support of education is a good idea. Public education is the single most important ingredient in creating and maintaining a great nation and a free society.


Taxing investment property makes sense for the same reason that Willie Sutton said he robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is.”

There is a universal agreement that we should have an excellent educational system. There also seems to be a popular expectation that Mexico should pay for it. Well, it doesn’t work that way; we have to pay for it or it will not happen.

If any one segment of a capitalistic society benefits disproportionately from having an educated population it is investors — it is very likely the reason they have money for investment to begin with. This change seems to be the most reasonable approach to achieving a goal everyone agrees must be accomplished.

Teachers need to be paid an attractive salary if we are to attract good teachers, plain and simple. Facilities must be maintained and necessary materials provided to do the job properly. To do this, there has to be money.

Why this logical concept seems so hard to grasp eludes me. To use a farming analogy, “a dollars worth of seed produces a thousand dollars worth of corn.” It‘s a great investment; so, too, with education.

Please urge your friends to support this reasonable amendment and vote yes.

Mike Mentnech


‘A waste’

Why, oh, why wasn’t the new courthouse building in Hilo fitted with SOLAR?

Such a waste!


Denise Slay