Your Views for September 9

Support our vets

So little for giving so much! I want to voice my strong support for exempting disabled veterans from paying property taxes and welcome them back home to a caring county.


We appreciate them, and such a small gesture will show them that we do, because they will live with the pain the rest of their lives.

I thank the leadership on the County Council for bringing this to our community, because when these brave men and women were asked to defend this great country, they made no exception.

I find it ironic that we waste millions of dollars on public transportation to serve just a few, and now they have made more exceptions to spend millions more by increasing our general excise taxes.

Please, people, let’s show our support for our veterans. They are exceptional, not an exception.

Wayne K. De Luz


Ruggles’ hypocrisy

Dear Ms. Jen Ruggles: I find it interesting that everything the county is doing is illegal, except for paying you your $70,000 a year salary.

Brian Ingalls

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Donate salary

Jen Ruggles has suddenly become concerned about the possibility of committing war crimes in the course of her obligation as County Council member for District 5.

As a result, she has decided not to vote, attend meetings or participate on any committees in the council, and has effectively abandoned her responsibility to her constituents. This is based her belief that the government is not valid due to the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom in 1893.

Jen, if the government is not valid, why do you still take a pay check from the taxes I am paying you to represent me?

Your response that you are still representing your constituents because you are working to receive FEMA funds makes no sense. How can you ask a government that you believe to be invalid for money? Oh, that’s right. You are OK with that since you are OK taking a salary from the same invalid government.

If you insist on being paid but not participating in the illegal government that you voluntarily got yourself elected to, maybe you should donate your salary to those impacted by the recent lava event.

Donald F. Jacobs


Election hacking

If the Democrats win, then the election was safe. If the Republicans win, then there was widespread election tampering.

U.S. Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein stated that the Russian hacking did not affect a single race. NOT A SINGLE RACE, people. Do you understand that?

The problem is Hillary Clinton believed her fawning press and bogus polling when they said she had a 98 percent chance of winning, so a loss could only be the result of skulduggery. It certainly wasn’t because she ran a poor race.

And the very same geniuses that gave Hillary the 98 percent figure are now saying that the election was stolen by the Russians and while President Obama and his crew were in power.

And those Russians — they have just as good an understanding of the Electoral College system as Hillary did, because they managed to give her more popular votes, but not enough Electoral College votes. Somebody is in a gulag over that screw up.

To cut out hacking, we should go back to paper ballots and hand-counting of the votes.

It’ll take about two weeks and several court challenges to get the numbers, but in the meantime, we can all go on with our lives and let the candidates sweat it out.


Roger Schweitzer