Your Views for April 7

A good law

I like how the governor signed the bill to allow assisted suicide to be legal in Hawaii. It is about time Hawaii made this bill legal. States such as Oregon, Vermont and Washington already have made it legal.


Why shouldn’t Hawaii, too? Patients should be allowed to take their own life, especially when they are suffering from the pain of a terminal illness.

I think Gov. David Ige did the right thing here. I don’t believe that people will make bad decisions with this new law coming into place.

This is something people will be thinking about for months to make a decision on before they finally do, and they most likely will make the best one for themselves. I also like how they have a built-in safeguard where two doctors will have to approve this request and make sure the patient is in a good mental state.

Jordan Luke


All about the workers

Regarding Your Views in Friday’s Tribune-Herald, Skip Sims points out that 66 percent of the county budget goes to wages and benefits. He asks the question: How did this happen?

The answer is simple: Public workers unions.

They should not be allowed. They have outlived their usefulness. Some are even attempting to tell the Legislature how to tax the taxpayers, and how much.

Eventually, Sims’ statement is correct. There only will be enough taxes collected to pay the workers. No other improvements or services.


Bob Dukat