Your Views for March 4

Six steps to safety

Here are solutions for killings by AK-47 and AR-15 rifles:


1. Ban buying and shooting these rifles for hunting and target practice.

2. Voluntarily recall these rifles to the government, and then let the government and our allies fighting terrorism use them.

3. AK-47s and AR-15s are only to be used for SWAT teams and the military.

4. People are encouraged to contact police/FBI when they get personal/social media data indicating a crime shooting might occur.

5. Police/FBI can connect the dots of evidence and can take further action.

6. Police/FBI need to better coordinate so action can be taken to prevent mass shootings such as in Las Vegas and at the Florida school.

R. Kim


‘Choke homeless’

Hello, occupants of Hawaii.

I’m not the biggest fan of people coming to our island with no connections, but more than a quarter of Hawaii’s income comes from tourism. Of course, when you’re on vacation, you want to relax and enjoy yourself. One of the sights tourists get to see is the ridiculous amounts of homeless people scattered all over the island.

The homeless have always been a long-running problem, but the government always let it be its own kind of problem, hoping that the problem will go away by itself.

Recently, surveys showed that the homeless population increased by 10 percent in one year. That would make anyone speculate how much of their population will increase in another year. When I was young, of course, I would see plenty of homeless people roaming or just hanging out. But nowadays, if you cruise around the island you WILL see choke homeless.

Finally, I’m not implying the homeless are bad people. Most are just having a bad time getting their life back in shape.

So, I think if there was some sort of giant homeless shelter that could at least be able to become home to a quarter of the homeless living in Hawaii, that would be spectacular. Or if there was an organization that helps or provides the homeless with whatever they need to get back on their feet.

I might not know it, but there might be something like that already in Hawaii. But if there is, then they’re not doing an effective job.

Kyle Fall


Fish disappearing

Do you enjoy consuming fish like I do? If so, we need to stop overfishing. Overfishing is becoming a very big issue, and we need to put an end to it.

As a local boy in Hawaii, I noticed that some fish are getting scarce. I don’t see a lot of fish like I used to when I was growing up.

I also see that many keiki divers, or keiki that fish, catch lots of smaller fish that don’t necessarily need to be kept out of the water. I also see some kids who catch fish and just throw them on the rocks and let them dry out and rot.

Overfishing will kill all marine life. Catching the baby fish and/or all the fish will result in a dangerous future. No fish means more algae and it will overpopulate, killing the coral and all marine life that surrounds it.

Our diet consists of fish, and without fish, we will risk losing the meats of cows, pigs, chickens, etc. Removing the fish from our food chain will dramatically change the world in a blink of an eye.

We can all help prevent this danger from happening by catching the fish we need and also putting back the little fish to grow and multiply. By doing this, it will result in a much better future for us and our upcoming keiki.

All I ask is that people help stop overfishing.


Isaiah Kaohe