Your Views for February 23

The right to run

“Wright On” was right on.

I would like to support the most recent article written by Bart Wright relative to some proposed legislation dealing with the restriction of distances for young boys and girls in competitive races (Tribune-Herald, Feb. 19).

My first thoughts jumped to the conclusion: Why should legislators spend time being involved micromanaging a situation with which knowledgeable professionals are better suited to deal, particularly when there are many other more important issues?

The distance someone runs and how fast they might run is based upon their level of ability, conditioning and training, which is self-governing, not their age or maturity. Age isn’t, nor should it be, the determiner of readiness to compete. Rarely if ever is someone injured by the distance someone runs.

Running of a competitive nature promotes many positive outcomes and gives individuals of all ages great benefits.

Bill Trumbo


‘Useful idiots’

Russian President Vladimir Putin is laughing so hard right now.

Russia did a lot of things. They were very busy and they attacked our democracy.

The GOP ultimately is defending what Russia did because President Donald Trump is signing everything they give him. Trump’s base ultimately is defending Russia because they are defending Trump.

The National Rifle Association is laughing it up because they get funded by Russia and Americans.

Conservative pundits ultimately are defending Russia because they like to see people suffer.

The only people who can stop Russia are real patriots, regardless of party affiliation.

It’s kinda like Christianity. You can call yourself a Christian, but if you don’t act like one, then you are not a Christian.

They are all useful idiots.

Every time you see Putin smile, he is thinking about all his useful idiots in America.

Dennis Chaquette