Your Views for January 28

Why close HVNP?

U.S. Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke said national parks “belong to the people and not the government.”


The spokeswoman for the Interior Department, Heather Swift, said, “National parks and other public lands will remain as accessible as possible. … The American public and especially our veterans … are finding … open air parks open to the public.”

Evidently, the superintendent for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Cindy Orlando, didn’t get the word.

Not only did she shut down the park “for safety reasons,” but also Kilauea Military Camp, which has a separate access point and can restrict vehicle traffic into the park proper.

Of course, if you are looking for a good reason to do the wrong thing, safety is at the top of the list. Other parks that are even more dangerous, such as Yellowstone, were open.

I was a federal worker at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard back in 1981 during a government shutdown. We ended up getting a paid vacation.

Why not give your employees the option to come into work if they want to, Cindy? They might or might not get paid, but the workers who choose to stay home definitely won’t (shouldn’t). Bet you could maintain park “safety.”

Fred Fogel


No thanks to HTH

The front page-article misleadingly titled “Tough times: Kim seeks general excise tax increase to offset county’s diminished fund balance” (Tribune-Herald, Jan. 21) should have been more accurately titled, “Tough times: Kim agonizes over inequities of possible general excise tax increase, wavers on his support.”

I can certainly understand Mayor Harry Kim’s reluctance to support this GET increase in reference to its inequitable burden on the poor. Even as a property owner, I would much prefer another increase in property taxes or more belt-tightening.

Thanks again, Mayor Kim, for keeping it real. No thanks, however, to the Tribune-Herald for this misleadingly titled article.

Robert Lee


‘Leading the charge’

I’ve written to ask our U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono to please stand strong against the president’s demand for funding a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Instead, continue to push initiatives that will be of greater benefit to the American people — direct those monies to initiatives such as health care, lower tuition for public higher education institutions, protection of women’s rights (especially in health care), equal pay initiatives, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and clean energy.

I am so proud to live in a state that is leading the charge against the GOP’s agenda to preserve inequality across the board and push unconstitutional initiatives. Sen. Hirono must continue to reject archaic and, frankly, dangerous rhetoric, propaganda and policies that destroy the progression of this great nation.

Continue to demand accountability of the president and his party, senator. Continue to support the majority of your country’s (and state’s men and women’s) views, beliefs and values. Thank you for supporting policies that benefit the good of the county rather than party or individual bias.


Chris Banker