Your Views for January 26

A happy ending

In mid-August 2017, I received an unexpected call from Honokaa High School that a class ring I lost in 1970 on the West Coast was found on the East Coast at Virginia Beach.


What are the chances that 47 years later a class ring would show up all these years later? Fast forward to mid-October 2017, when I received a call from Susan Wood, a coordinator at Honokaa High, who said she would be coming to Kona and wanted to bring the ring that recently was mailed from New Jersey.

My family jumped the gun and got the word out via Facebook and called the Hawaii Tribune-Herald before the school had a chance to get their own news out. Tribune-Herald reporter Mike Brestovansky did a wonderful job of getting the story told. Unfortunately, because of the schools being let out for winter break, Mike wasn’t able to reach Susan Wood in time for his article to go to print and couldn’t use her name.

She was “the woman at Honokaa High” and was the middle person who brought my “ring partner,” Diane Fiumara-Chueiri in New Jersey, and me together. Susan was like a detective, searching through old annuals and making a few telephone calls throughout a period of time in trying to find me.

Wouldn’t you know it, her last resort was to look in the phone book — and the rest is history. Thanks, Mike Brestovansky and Susan Wood, for adding to the happy ending.

Stephanie Ackerman


‘Off my bucket list’

Gov. David Ige didn’t post the false alarm about the North Korea missiles heading for Hawaii because he forgot his Twitter username and password.

No radio and TV in Hawaii for 37 minutes? I guess you really can’t fix stupid.

Shortly thereafter, the Alaska 7.9 and Hawaii 3.7 earthquakes hit almost simultaneously.

I hope the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center doesn’t forget its password.

A wake-up call to take Hawaii off my bucket list. You can’t make this stuff up.

I live on an island, too.


Michael Velsmid

Nantucket, Mass.