Your Views for December 23

A GOP Christmas

Merry, merry, quite contrary, what do Republicans know?


This season’s rising chorus of voices against the GOP tax bill is no cheer. And a “bill” it is, costing us dearly, both near and far, for all current and future taxpayers.

It’s now party time for the Republican Party because they got what they wanted for Christmas. (They’re not even paying for the banquet.) Personally, I don’t see why they’re celebrating. Their mantra, for years, has been: “Take from the poor and give to the rich.” That should’ve clued us.

Alas, despite all of these years, we voters haven’t learned that promises from politicians don’t mean squat. So part of the blame, if any, is our fault.

Congressional Republicans will continue to believe that their grandiose tax reformation will kick-start our economy. Contrary to their unpopular belief, our U.S. economy has been chugging along quite exuberantly for quite some time, thank you. Globally, other nations are on the brink of recovery from their bubbles that burst. The newspapers all reported this non-fake news. Excuse me for asking, but do these Republicans read newspapers?

Large corporations know they don’t need tax cuts. They simply raise prices. Not to worry, with such large market shares, they know that aunty will still buy her preferred brand of Tide laundry detergent from Procter &Gamble with coupons.

Come next year, we little folk, the majority, will get a chance to just say “NO” to Republican-itis. The midterm elections will be a good time to clean the House as well as our Senate chambers.

Be thankful in this concluding month of the year that our commander-in-chief still doesn’t know what he’s doing. If he did, he could be dangerous. At least for now, his mistakes keep getting in his way. Please understand, as president, he’s barely a 1-year-old.

Here’s wishing us all a better new year! There’s always hope, you know?

Lloyd Fukuki



There it is, folks. In an article about the Hele-On system in Wednesday’s paper, the Mass Transit Agency allowed a grant of $500,000 to go away for lack of use.

Guess who is going to have to make that up? You got it: the taxpayers of this county.


Bob Dukat