Your Views for December 21

Fight pollution

I am a Big Island resident and student at Hilo High School. In Hawaii, we have beautiful beaches and ocean life we need to protect.


Ocean pollution is becoming a bigger problem in Hawaii. Kamilo Beach already has been affected by it. We need to stop ocean pollution before it ruins all of our beaches.

Ocean pollution has many negative side effects, such as killing Hawaiian monk seals, humpback whales, dolphins, fish and everything else living in the ocean. Ocean pollution also can kill other animals that don’t live in the ocean, such as birds. Birds can swallow rubbish that washes up on the shore and die. Ocean pollution even can turn our ocean into toxic chemicals if we let it.

We can start to end ocean pollution by not littering because most trash on land gets washed or blown into the ocean. To help with the trash already in the ocean, we can clean up what we can see and reach. Meaning, if you see any trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it in a waste container.

Even if it’s too late to stop ocean pollution, which it is not, we have to at least try to help and stop it from ruining our home.

Koa Palacio


Poverty in Hawaii

We face many problems in Hawaii. One problem we should focus on is poverty. As a resident in Hilo, I see how hard it is to be able to have water, food and shelter to live.

Hawaii has the sixth-highest poverty rate in the nation. One in six residents in Hawaii is living in poverty, and with no help, they continue to live this way. With more than 150,000 Hawaii residents going into poverty, there are things we can do to help.

We should help people in this situation because living in Hawaii is difficult, especially with how high the cost of living is. Also, 52 percent of public school students are economically disadvantaged, which diminishes students’ educational achievement.

Kids in poverty can’t afford to go to school and therefore can’t get an education. With many people going to school, we should buy school supplies and donate them to people in need.

Some people can’t even afford medical care, so if they get sick or hurt, they have to just deal with it themselves and get better on their own with no help.

Everyone deserves to live a happy life and not be stuck in poverty, where you can’t afford water or food and even a house sometimes.

In conclusion, being able to support yourself and others is hard nowadays. Whenever we have the chance, we should help people in need. Also, we should appreciate the little things we have in life because people around us don’t have much to offer to their loved ones.

Don’t take things for granted. Think to yourself that the things you have are better than nothing.


Keiani Kamalii