Your Views for December 16

‘Hard choices’

Hawaii County was probably greatly relieved it contracted with Indonesia to take the island’s recyclable trash after China canceled its contract.


Having Indonesia buy our garbage is just a temporary feel-good solution to a massive pollution problem only consumers can fix. Countries in South Asia have the highest environmental and ocean plastic pollution in the world, so what is the point of another country taking our waste if it cannot manage its own garbage problems?

The problem with billions of tons of plastic and other toxic pollution spreading in the world’s oceans is that ocean life consumes bits of microplastics they assume is food, and it’s already coming back as food for humans.

Another feel-good solution is compostable plastic containers that will not properly compost in the town dump, but require industrial composting facilities to safely break down, and not just crack into bits harmful to life.

The time has passed to rethink the convenience of drinking a beverage and tossing the container, or purchasing without regard to where all the packaging ends up. Just as people guide their lives to achieve the best results, so too must people as consumers make hard choices to keep Earth livable for future generations.

Merle Hayward


The capital of Israel

When in history have nations recognized a new country and not accepted its capital?

Aside from Saladin, an Arab, fighting and occupying Jerusalem during the Crusades, no Muslim has ever ruled Jerusalem.

Whatever the painful political reasons, the United States government recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This city has been and is the capital of Israel through millennium; there always has been a population of Jews in Jerusalem.

Now that we have instant recall through Google, please check these few facts, i.e., length of time Hebrews have been in Israel; Judea; and the name, origin and date of the word Palestine (Islam).

Last, the argument about an international city is already working. Under Israeli government, all religions exist with total autonomy in Jerusalem.

The Hebrew word Jerusalem says peace in its letters: Shalom.


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